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The rest of December 2013

The rest of December 2013

Despite the thumbnail picture and the name of this post, it’s still mostly pictures of Aaron.  But I slipped in a few other things as well.  :) The last post left off on December 16th, when Aaron was exactly 2 weeks old.  Just because I really like that picture, I’ll start this post with it.  […]

Lots of pictures

Lots of pictures

I promised myself I’d post something today.  I kind of forgot that by the time church is over, the nursery children are all picked up, choir ends, and we finally make it home it’s now about 4:30pm.  And then it’s dinner time.  So Sundays aren’t quite as open as they were last year.  :)  (And […]

Emma's Perseverance

Emma’s Perseverance

Bryan’s parents recently gave us a cute Christmas tree decoration with a moving train and lights.  The children adore it.  To reduce the spread of glitter (and the chance of it getting broken), we have put it a little out of our children’s reach.  But that’s what climbing is for, right?  :) The name of […]

O Tannenbaum

Well, there’s only 6 days left until Christmas, so we figured it was high time for us to set up our Christmas tree. Actually, we’ve had the thing in our garage since Thanksgiving, but with all of the end-of-semester stuff going on we simply didn’t have the time or motivation to put it up.

A solid effort

This is a follow-up piece to the review of the Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir DVD featuring Sissel that I published here just the other day.  In that review I wondered aloud whether this year’s Christmas concert with The King’s Singers would match the transcendent heights of last year’s event.  I was able to […]

Christmas with a dash of Sissel

Before I proceed to my main subject, I’d like to give a little history. Back in May 2005, Cassia and I were fortunate enough to see an edition of Music and the Spoken Word featuring Sissel, the Norwegian-born singing sensation.  Those of you who may be unfamiliar with the name are likely quite familiar with […]