May 2014

Saturday, May 3rd

Aaron at 5 months.  Not only could he lift his head well, he could now push his chest up!

IMG_2085 IMG_2075

I think I’m better at taking “month day” pictures for him than I have been for any other child.  It helps that it’s practically the beginning of the month.  :)  (Though these were still taken the day after – that’s close enough for me!)


Sunday, May 4th

Next, this showed up on my phone:

Apparently Emma decided Kathryn and Aaron were cute enough to video.  Sunday morning fun.  :)

That evening, I happened to walk by the music room and saw this:


I love catching moments like that!  Of course, then my other children caught on and wanted their own pictures taken.  :)

IMG_2097 IMG_2098 IMG_2099IMG_2104 cropped Not sure where Kathryn was that evening.


Tuesday, May 6th

I got a little behind on laundry (i.e. all 6 baskets were probably overflowing) but Aaron was not OK with me leaving him to move the clothes.  So he got to ride along.  :)

IMG_2105 cropped

Also, a picture courtesy of the kids:


Jonathan was the main designer, though I know Emma also helped.  They used little magnetic shapes to create animals in a habitat.  Birds in the sky and baby birds (and one egg) on the tree branch.  The egg shells for the newly hatched chicks are on the ground.  A fox at the base of the tree, bats in a cave below that.  Two crocodiles coming down the waterfall with a lion family under one side and a giraffe and duck on the other side.

I loved that they took the generic shapes to create their own pictures.  :)  I love watching my children’s creativity!


Sunday, May 11th – Mother’s Day

I decided I wanted a picture of my all my children together for Mother’s Day.  :)  So I caught them on the way into church (since I knew there were no guarantees this would last).  They just looked so sweet!

KidsAnd then Bryan got one of me and Aaron.  :)


After church, I was presented with the gifts:

From Jonathan.  He had seen a few emails offering something free to moms on Mother’s Day but knew I wouldn’t be taking advantage of them since it was Sunday.  So he decided to do something to make up for it.  :)  And the 5 hearts were meant to represent each of the children in our family.  (His teacher had also prepared a plate of delicious food – brownies and strawberries – for him to give.  That was very tasty!)


From Abby, thanks to her wonderful (and creative!) nursery teachers.  These particular teachers were given another calling soon after this, and though Abby loves her new teachers she still talks about how much she loves “Miss Cynde.”  :)


And then a gift from Emma from school – a compilation of things she made for me and of various things about her from the school year.  Very sweet!  She chose the specific words for the front to describe me.  I’m glad she chose “loving” to be the biggest one in the middle.  Some of those others are pretty interesting…  :)  Especially the top one.  Apparently I spend a lot of time feeding my baby.  :)



Monday, May 19th

Jonathan’s school has an “Excellent Eagles” behavior program.  Kids get marks when they don’t follow expectations (showing respect to others, controlling talking, behaving properly throughout the school, asking appropriate questions, staying where they are supposed to be, finishing homework, staying organized, etc).  There is a ceremony at the end of every 9 weeks to recognize those who got no marks, and those who got 4 or fewer marks.

As soon as Jonathan heard about this he wanted to be in the ceremony.  But his hopes were quickly dashed when he’d accrued more 5 or 6 marks within the first two weeks.  It wasn’t that he was being bad, but he had organization struggles and would get a mark if he forgot to get his homework out of his backpack at the right time, forgot to put his name on his paper, or had to return to another classroom (he had two teachers) to get something he’d left behind.  It was rough because he wasn’t *trying* to do anything wrong.  Every 9 weeks he tried again, and again didn’t make it.  Until the last.  He just barely made it that last quarter, and received the “Blue Eagle” award for having 4 or fewer marks for that 9 weeks.  I was so proud of him!


After school, Kathryn wanted me to take a picture of her holding Aaron.  She loves her little brother!



Wednesday, May 21st

The last day of school.  The children had “thank you” chocolates for their teachers.  Emma’s teacher loves hedgehogs so Emma drew her a picture as well.  :)



Friday, May 30th

We had just finished dinner when, out of the blue, Abby said, “Where you picture, Dad? I tant find it.”  We turned to find her looking through the Conference Ensign!  Um, no – Daddy’s not in there.  :)  Such a sweetheart!  What a memory.  :)



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