How to make dirt pudding cake

Or simply Emma’s 7th birthday celebration.

We kept things simple this year.  Emma enjoyed an outing with Bryan in the morning – IHOP then Monsters University.  Meanwhile I was going to be wrapping her gifts.  Only I decided she’d enjoy a scavenger hunt more.  So rather than wrapping, I hid her gifts throughout the house, each one having a clue to the next, and put the first clue on a sticky on the front door.  It took a lot more time and work than I’d realized – I finished just in time!  But it was worth it.  Her face lit up when I told her she got to find her gifts.  And she had a blast figuring out the clues and finding her presents.  I definitely chose correctly there.  :)

I had so much fun watching her that I never even thought to take pictures during the hunt.  Oh well.  We did get an end of hunt picture though.


Thank you so much to Grandma Kofoed and Grandma Beckman for helping us treat her so much!  :)

And then it was time to make her cake.  Dirt pudding cake.  Did you ever make dirt pudding in school?  Chocolate pudding with gummy worms and maybe oreos as rocks?  Yep, that’s what she wanted, on top of cake.

So I baked the cake – vanilla, as requested.  And then she decorated.  First came the worms.


Then the stones (M&Ms).


Next the mud, covering the worms and stones.


And then the rocks, grass, and flowers – represented by oreos and sprinkles.


And then, of course, the candles.  Seven.  She arranged them as a flower in the middle, which meant they would become a nice little bonfire when lit.  :)

IMG_2531smAnd now for the lighting and blowing out:












No, we did not use trick candles.  :)


And then we enjoyed cake and rainbow sherbet, per her request.  (Oh, and macaroni and cheese with chicken nuggets for dinner.  We did have dinner first.  I just didn’t get a picture of that.)


At the end she exclaimed that the day had been “the best day EVER!”  (Said with Rapunzel’s intonation from Tangled.)


P.S. for any who think the cake looks like a great idea –

If you make this, be sure to invite lots of people over so that it’s gone within a few hours.  Because gummy worms absorb moisture, and pudding has plenty of moisture.  When we ate the cake less than two hours after it was put together the worms already had a slimy consistency to them.  But they were otherwise normal so it was still OK.  By the next day they were completely soft.  Taking the “gummy” out of “gummy worms” does not leave them very appetizing.  And unless you are having a pity party that starts with, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me…” that’s probably not the experience you are looking for.  :)  Just FYI.

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  1. It seems she had a wonderful day! You both are such good parents! She is a beautiful girl. Love you all.


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