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I promised myself I’d post something today.  I kind of forgot that by the time church is over, the nursery children are all picked up, choir ends, and we finally make it home it’s now about 4:30pm.  And then it’s dinner time.  So Sundays aren’t quite as open as they were last year.  :)  (And even though I now have an additional 2.5 hours in the morning it still takes me all morning to get everyone ready to go.  At least we were actually on time this morning though…)  :)

But I still promised.   So I’m cheating a bit and reposting some pictures that Bryan already sent to his parents.  :)

First of all, I was really chagrined to realize that I never posted about our great odyssey out west last summer.  The few pictures I have from that in Bryan’s collection won’t do that justice, so I think I’m going to do another post just on that soon.  Even though it’s now been 6 months since then.  How embarrassing.

But here are the other pictures.  :)

Autumn is pretty rainy around here. The children (led by Emma) decided to take advantage of one rainstorm and enjoy the experience. Jonathan was the most reluctant, but I think he still had fun. :)

Here's Emma. I think she was trying to make a funny pose for the camera. I can't quite remember though.

And Kathryn. She was really timid at first but then she was the last one to come back inside - I had to bribe her to come in at the end with the promise of a bath (she loves baths). She had a great time jumping in puddles!

Kathryn decided she wanted to copy Mommy and lotion her feet. Yikes!

Jonathan at Halloween. He wasn't feeling extremely photogenic, so here we have a sulking Batman.

Here's Emma/Batgirl's individual shot. I think it captures her attitude at the time quite well.

This is the best Halloween group shot we got. And the best we got of Kathryn at all. We couldn't even get an individual shot of her. Kathryn was Supergirl. So all our children were superheroes this year.

And within a minute of that last picture, we got this. I guess they got a call for help.

The children in their Christmas pajamas. Thank you to Mom and Dad Beckman for the clothes you sent this year! :)

Jonathan showing off a new Christmas shirt. I can't believe how quickly he's growing!

Kathryn showing how unhappy she is to show off her new butterfly dress and leggings. She absolutely loves them. She just wasn't in a picture mood that day.

She was happier when we were trying to show off the pink butterfly shirt (I think this was the next day). I couldn't get her to pose right to show off the shirt though. At least she smiled. :)

And here she is showing off a birthday outfit. Along with missing the summer vacation post I also realized I forgot to do the birthday follow-up post I promised. At least I did the first birthday post, right? :)

Emma showing off Jonathan's Christmas pajamas. And other clothes. She declared she was Jonathan. :)

Kathryn decided to dress up too.

Jonathan and Emma behind a Lego truck they put together themselves. Literally. They were playing quietly in Jonathan's room while I got dinner ready. I was definitely surprised when I found they'd put it together (including stickers and everything - it was new in box beforehand) without any help. Apparently they are better at following directions than I realized. :)

Jonathan's now lost two teeth, and has a third one currently loose. Wow. It's so weird to have a child old enough for that! :)

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  1. They are growing up so fast. I especially think Jonathan is changing. Thanks so much for doing this. This great-grandmother thinks the generations get better and better! Love, Gramma

  2. I miss you guys so dog gone much, Cassia Ann!!! >:( It’s not fair that I only get to see “ya’ll” (:P) once a year :p So are you planning on driving up or something at the beginning? Any plans about the summer yet?

    Love ya lots! ^_^

  3. Thank you so much for the pictures of the kids modeling their clothes, I love this!

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