PSA - Check your dryer

PSA – Check your dryer

Here is my dryer.  Well, a close-up of the inside and lint area of my dryer. A friend of mine recently experienced a house fire.  Though it wasn’t related to her experience, one preventative measure she mentioned was to make sure you don’t have lint build-up in your dryer.  Then some other friends started talking […]

Playing petshop

Playing petshop

Jonathan: OK. Im the customer and youre the person who lives here. (I commented to Bryan that Im sure some business owners feel that way!) Emma: OK. Jonathan: Hello! I want to buy an animal. Emma: Do you want this one? Jonathan: Sure. Emma: Here. Jonathan: Thanks. OK, Emma, now youre my mom. Im going […]

The haircut

The haircut

After growing it out for about a year and a half, I finally got the haircut. […]

We've got a brand new look

We’ve got a brand new look

It’s time to change the way you think about the “family blog.”

A little downtime

Those of you who tried to come here sometime in the last 24 hours were probably greeted by a lovely text message indicating an error connecting to the database that (just coincidentally) forms the backbone of this Web site.  I only noticed it myself when I tried to access the site at around 11:00pm (it’s […]

The sleeping bear awakes

One big disadvantage to being a full-time college student is that several times a year I am forced to go into “blog hibernation” while I hunker down and wrap up outstanding papers and projects before the end of the semester.  As I look over my post history for the past two years, things tend to […]

December in Georgia

“Well, the weather outside is frightful…” OK, so actually not. Here in Georgia we are enjoying a beautiful, fall-like, sunny, 63 degree day. I went outside in my short sleeved shirt and didn’t even need a jacket. And today is not an anomaly. According to, average highs through the end of December range from […]


This post commemorates two momentous occasions. It’s our 100th post.  Hooray for us! A new page has been added to the blog.  It’s titled, simply, "Today’s Comics," and you can view it by clicking on the tab at the top of this or any other page on our website. The purpose of the page is […]

Change is good

In anticipation of the public release of WordPress 2.3 (the engine that drives this website) this coming Monday, I thought I’d freshen up the look of the place a bit.  The old MistyLook 1.01 theme was beginning to get a little shopworn, and I didn’t like a lot of the changes that were introduced in […]

Home of the Braves . . . and the Beckmans

We’ve been here in Atlanta for two weeks now. So far, so good. With each new day a few more boxes are unpacked, a little more stuff gets organized, and we feel a bit less like squatters and more like people living in a home of our own. We’ll post photos (maybe even a video […]