December in Georgia

“Well, the weather outside is frightful…”

OK, so actually not. Here in Georgia we are enjoying a beautiful, fall-like, sunny, 63 degree day. I went outside in my short sleeved shirt and didn’t even need a jacket. And today is not an anomaly. According to, average highs through the end of December range from 50-55, and this year looks to be a little higher than average. As fall and spring are my favorite seasons, I’m loving it! :) (Excepting the lack of rain… I’d be happy for that to change soon!)

But I feel like the calendar is playing tricks on me. It can’t be December already… it still feels like October! December makes me think of snow–at least in the mountains, if not on my front yard. I think of breath turning into fog, bundling up in coats, hot cocoa. Not raking leaves and shedding the jacket I thought I might need (and trying to get Jonathan to shed his somewhat heavier jacket–the one that he would happily wear in the middle of summer if I let him).

We’ll see how long it takes me to adjust to this Christmas-in-fall feel. :)

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels like time is standing still :) It’s about 55-60 degrees here, too. Christmas without all the things you mentioned is really weird to me!

  2. Well, we’ve had quite a bit of rain here over the past day. Solid precipitation for over 24 hours! (Well, it’s been liquid and solid, but constant. :) We’re supposed to have 4-8 inches in the valley before it’s all over (snow, of course). Only a dusting has been left thus far on top of very wet grass and roads. Glad to check out your blog. Pretty spiffy. I’ll have to get some pointers on it sometime. Have a grand day!

  3. Bryce– Wow. It’s been an amazing experience to hear of all the snow you have received in Utah valley and then compare it to here. It actually has gotten colder finally (we’re in the low 50s for highs now), but no snow. :) It actually does get below freezing sometimes here, but apparently that rarely results in snow–it usually brings “freezing rain” which, as my visiting teacher put it, coats everything–each blade of grass even–in a thin coat of ice. Very pretty. Not very fun to drive in, though. I guess that’s why people out here don’t like to drive when the weather is bad. :)

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