July 2014 (the first half)

Aaron at 7 months

Aaron continued building on his skills from June and by July could freely scoot himself across the floor to play with his toys.





I love this one! You can’t see Emma’s face well, but I can “feel” her sweet smile as she plays with her baby brother.


He continued to enjoy eating …


… his seat.IMG_2425And sometimes actual food as well.  Maybe.  IMG_2428


A sweet moment

We had just finished the little ones’ bath.  Aaron had just been dried off and dressed and wasn’t very happy about that.  Abby came over to cheer him up.  She just crouched down, smiled at him, and said a few things to comfort him, and he calmed down.  It was a sweet moment of connection.


Then she reacted to my taking that picture by getting out of the moment and touching her nose to his.  He wasn’t quite sure what to make of that.  :)



Emma’s food

Emma requested this picture.  She was proud of how pretty she made her food.  :)



Dress like a cow day

Dressing up for Chick-fil-A’s dress like a cow day has become an annual tradition.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the tasty free food, or just that it’s a fun excuse to be silly.  :)

This was Aaron’s first year to join the fun.



Aaron looks a little concerned. Not sure why the girls decided his head was a good place for their hands. Or why Kathryn looks a little freaky. :D


Jonathan refused to cooperate with the pictures. It gave us a bit of mad cow… (This really is the best picture of Jonathan.)


At least Aaron was working with us!


All the women. :)


We’re smiling because the children were finally all eating quietly. Or actually, now that I think about it, all but Aaron had moved on to the play area. Yep. That was nice. :)

Abby got an ice cream afterward and wanted to sit at the extra tall table beside ours.  Watching her sit there so confidently, I couldn’t help but marvel on how much she has grown.   She is definitely well into little girl stage, very much no longer a baby.  It’s amazing to watch her blossom!




The YMCA offers a monthly “parent’s night out” program that Bryan and I enjoy taking advantage of.  It’s for children ages 2-12.  So we drop off the four older and enjoy a bit of time to ourselves.  With our little tag-a-long.


Graham crackers were a new addition to his food repertoire. He loves them!

He does make things a little trickier.  At least he was happy eating his cracker while we ate our meal.  :)


Our children’s minds

First off, Abby.

IMG_2483She set this up herself.  Umm…

For a while, this was the only game she wanted to play with.  It got a little annoying to find pieces of the game scattered around, so I’m glad she’s moved on!  (Now she’s into coloring.)


And then I found this, set up in the kitchen by Jonathan.


Think The Lego Movie.


The big hole / portal between worlds with the krazy glue lid inside.


The tower was the business tower, with the “kragle” (krazy glue with some letters hidden).



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  1. We haven’t seen the Lego movie. Don is not into movies much. sigh…

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