Aaron’s speech July 2017

I made this to share with Miss Michelle, the speech therapist who worked with Aaron from about 18m to his third birthday.  He’s come a long way!  :)



Me: Say, “Hi, Miss Michelle.”
Aaron: Uh, me see her.
Um.  It’s you.  It’s supposed to be you.
Can you say, “Hi, Miss Michelle?”
Hi, Michelle.
How old are you Aaron?  How old?  Use your mouth.
Three what?
Three old.
What do you like to do?
Play.  Play games downstairs.
OK.  Like what?
Play upstairs in here.
Play what?
Play in here.
In the kid room?
What games do you like?
Um.  Sorry game.  Um.  Yeah.
Ok.  Who’s right beside you?
What’s his name?
What does he like to do?
He eat bananas.
Hey, baby!  Baby, stop it.
Um.  Me.  Baby (repeated).  Baby eat things in here.

Baby eats things in there?  Oh no!  Is that good or is that a problem?

Baby.  Baby come upstairs.
Baby nap in your, Mommy’s Daddy’s bed.

But – he has a crib.
Yep, you nurse my baby.  Yeah.
What about – what else do you like to do?
What do you like to eat?
Huh, me?
Me eat cheetos.  Me eat cookies, my cookies.  Yeah. [He has gotten really good at identifying “his” food – gluten free foods – vs the food he’s not supposed to eat.]
What else?
Water and ice.  Um.  Me play my brother.
Which brother?
My Jonathan one.
Ok.  What do you do with Jonathan?
Me play him.  Me watch his brother. 
Ok.  Do you want to say goodbye?
Do you want to say goodbye to the video?  Say, “Bye Miss Michelle.”

I want to share this with her.
Me think.  Me (stay here.  Me go. – but I thought he said thank you Miss Michelle).
No me stay here, go. 
You want to stay here and have me go?

Oh, I see.
No, Daddy go.
Daddy went somewhere?

And Abby play.  Me like my Jonathan.  Me like my Abby.
Bye, Michelle.

(For reference – Jonathan is my oldest and Abby is the sister just older than Aaron.)  :)

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