Kathryn at 7 1/2 months

OK, so it’s almost 8 months…  :)

Kathryn is now about 18 lbs and 27.5.”  That’s about the size of a 9 month old.  The height is approximate – I’m pretty sure it’s close, but my measurements varied from 26.5 to 28.  She’s not exactly wanting to hold still for this.  :)  While it still feels like she’s growing extremely fast, her growth has slowed a bit as she’s gained more mobility.

She's chewing on the camera case - I was desperate to have her stay still!

On the mobility front, she rolls, scoots, and even practically crawls, though she’s stayed just shy of the official “belly off the ground while moving her arms and legs” (she does both, just not together).  And she is definitely fast.  She can also sit on her own and loves her jumperoo

May 2nd

May 2nd

She now puts everything in her mouth, so we are working to teach Jonathan and Emma to keep their things picked up.  :)  No teeth yet, surprisingly – she’s had a couple of episodes of extreme drool, crankiness, and compulsive chewing, but thus far nothing has come through.

Her newest adventure is “solids.”  She loves being in her seat and eating.  So far she’s tried rice cereal, oat cereal, kix, and cheerios.  (Get the feeling that we were eager for her to feed herself?)  She also loves water from a cup, though Mommy’s been mean and won’t let her hold the cup herself.  :)

Her first "solids" feeding - rice cereal was a hit!
So was the spoon

So was the spoon

Concentrating - her first exposure to Cheerios
Success! Cheerios are yummy. :)

Success! Cheerios are yummy. :)

Smile for Mommy.

Smiling for Mommy.

She loves to move and explore and make high-pitched happy sounds.  She sticks her tongue out when happy, flaps her arms when excited, and rubs her eyes vigorously when tired (I can always tell when she’s tired, even if I didn’t catch the eye rub, because her eyes are perpetually red).  She’s adjusting to her crib and generally sleeps 11-12 hours straight each night.  I love that part!  :)

A cute "happy" picture. :) (May 2nd)

Her siblings are very attached to her.  Jonathan especially – he thanks Heavenly Father almost every night for Kathryn (tonight it was “this cute little baby,” said in a “talking to baby” voice during the prayer).  He loves to have her near him during family meals and can often be counted on to “keep her company” when I need to leave for a minute to take care of something.  This morning she woke up from her first nap crying and he went in to talk to her and “perform” (run around the room) to make her happy.  He’s doing better about not carrying her without my permission (which is only given when I am very close!).  One major exception would be yesterday when I asked him to go upstairs to help her be happy until I was able to come to her.  A few minutes later I hear, “Mom, she’s heavy” and look up to see him carrying her toward the stairs!  He thought I wanted him to bring her to me.  I quickly corrected that and he willingly complied with my original request of just playing with her.  :)

Emma is also showing more love toward Kathryn.  She’s also been trying to pick her up more often.  Yikes!

Taken today - notice Kathryn's attention is riveted on the toy, not standing. :)

Taken today - notice Kathryn's attention is riveted on the toy, not standing. :)

Speaking of Jonathan, he just got back from a birthday party with a goodie bag full of fun things, including candy.  First thing he did was pour it out in the middle of the living room and show Emma, then give her one sucker while he took the other.  He even offered to give me some of the candy.  I love it when my children share!  :)

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