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An hour with Ken Burns

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending one of the very best Devotionals or Forums I’ve ever experienced in the seven and a half years I’ve attended BYU. Ken Burns, arguably the greatest documentary filmmaker of this or any generation, came to campus and spoke about history (in general) and the making of his new […]

Delegitimizing bad behavior

It seems that everybody has an opinion on the appropriateness of Dick Cheney’s invitation to speak at BYU’s April commencement. A few prominent professors voiced their concerns in a Daily Herald (Provo’s newspaper) article yesterday (03/27/07), and four others wrote a Viewpoint in today’s (03/28/07) Daily Universe (BYU’s paper) calling on people to flood local […]

Will Cheney steal attention from graduates?

The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday (03/22/07) that Vice President Dick Cheney was scheduled to speak at BYU’s campus-wide commencement ceremony in April.  Today that story was confirmed by spokespersons for both Cheney and the university: "An invitation for Vice President Cheney to speak at BYU’s April commencement was extended by members of the First […]

"Prep School" article in Marriott Alumni Magazine

The latest (Winter 2007) issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine features an article about the PhD Prep Tracks offered by the Accounting and Information Systems departments for interested Masters students.  For those who may be interested in what the program is like or its history of successful placements at top PhD programs, it’s well worth a […]

BYU supports Dr. Steven Jones . . . er, wait

There’s nothing like a strong dose of irony to get you going in the morning, particularly when it involves people at BYU. I opened up The Daily Universe (BYU’s free weekday newspaper) to read this letter by university alum Eric Rasmussen commending the school for its "hands-off" position regarding Dr. Steven Jones’ controversial work implicating […]

Tell-tale signs you’re a grad student

Nearly six months ago I received an e-mail about a specially-designed t-shirt from the folks with the BYU Graduate Student Association. After being a grad student for only one semester, the things printed on this shirt hit WAY too close to home. I’m not going to tell you how many of these statements are true […]