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‘Bourne’ again

David Bordwell has yet another interesting essay on The Bourne Ultimatum, this time looking at the connection between the final scene in Supremacy and that same scene in the more recent film, and how changing contexts cause us to re-evaluate what we experience. Cool stuff . . . and I’m glad someone’s out there to […]

All in favor

Roger Ebert is one of my favorite movie critics for several reasons. One reason is that he possesses great writing ability. That talent can (and sometimes does) turn critics into insufferable pretentious snobs, but not Ebert. He can be witty and humorous, often at the most unexpected times. Sometimes he’ll throw in the most oddball […]

Great movies (according to the AFI)

Everyone needs a hobby. Some people collect weaponry. Others like to build models or furniture. My hobby is film. (Call it one of the lasting influences of my arts-based high school education.) I currently have 147 titles in my collection, and a long list of additional titles to add to it when the time and […]