June 2014

I’ve gotten behind.  Way behind.  This is about 6 months behind.  Yikes!  But I don’t want to just skip all the months I’ve missed.  So I have a goal to catch up this week, at least through October.  Here I go…  :)

Aaron at 6 months old

Aaron is a generally happy little one.  Sometimes somber, but always willing to give Mommy a smile.  :)

IMG_2279 IMG_2280 Aaron went through a tongue phase – he would stick his tongue out the side of his mouth, like this.  But just the side, and it wouldn’t stay – it would quickly go out, then back in.  It was so funny to watch! IMG_2248He had mastered the art of holding his head up.

IMG_2257 And just started sitting (with a bit of arm support).

IMG_2296He enjoyed joining us at the table, but was still getting the concept of table vs food.  He definitely enjoyed putting anything and everything in his mouth!

IMG_2302Yep, everything!

IMG_2319I’m suddenly reminded of one of Jonathan’s first phrases as a 1 yr old – “Eat feet.”  I guess Aaron is just trying to take after his brother.  :)


For your viewing enjoyment – 4 minutes of Aaron smiling, cooing, laughing, playing with his tongue, and examining his hands.

And another 2 1/2 minutes from later in the evening, with a few happy shrieks and lip buzzing in addition to smiles and cooing and the rest.


Abby and Kathryn

And, of course, when I’m taking pictures of Aaron, I usually get at least one cameo from his big sister:


I also get random requests from the children to take a picture of something.  Usually it’s something they’ve designed but that won’t last – like a face they made out of their snack.  This was one of those times, but I can’t remember what I was supposed to be recording.  My best guess is that this was when Kathryn finally decided to try our pot roast stew and decided she liked it after all.  She can be quite stubborn!  But no matter the reason, I love her smile here.  :)


And if I take a picture of Kathryn, I must take a picture of Abby too!

IMG_2312 No, this was not me taking the picture at the wrong time.  This was her chosen smile face, and she held it until I got that picture.  :)


Aaron becomes mobile (June 10th)

OK, so he had been mobile for a while I guess.  He’d been rolling and moving in a circle.  But now he moved on to scooting.  And scooting with a purpose.



He happily enjoyed his prize.  :)  And then Abby decided to join him and bring her own toy.  He enjoyed that too.  :)IMG_2340



Father’s Day

Bryan tends to prefer Father’s Day be a low key day.  But I still got a few fun shots to share.  :)

IMG_2342Hmm, I wonder whom the candy is meant for?  :)IMG_2341The children showing Bryan the things they made for him.


Jonathan’s Birthday

Jonathan planned a small birthday party for himself and some friends.  He designed his own invitations and gave them to a couple of his best friends in May, before school let out.  One told him that he couldn’t come because he’d be on vacation, but the other two thought they’d be able to come.

Jonathan Bday invite front


Back – obviously edited from original :)

He put a lot of work into planning this party.  He used a cardboard box and some general craft supplies to make a game to play during the party.  He was so excited!  He even made a power point presentation as part of his planning:

I started to worry when we were about a week out and I still hadn’t heard from either of the two friends.  And I had no way to follow up – no idea on phone numbers or parent emails (or even parent names!).  He was still certain at least one would come.  I talked with him and let him know I hoped so too, but that if not we would still make sure that it was a good party, even if just us.

So his birthday came and was a little quiet as we held most of the festivities for the next day.  But we still had a special breakfast.  :)


In case it’s hard to tell, that’s a blueberry syrup smiley face. :)

And on Friday, we had a special party, following his plans as close as possible, with his sisters as his guests of honor.


He requested chocolate chip cheesecake bars in place of a regular cake.



Apparently 10 candles is enough to make a bonfire.

IMG_1265 IMG_1263IMG_2363


Before they saw me taking the picture.


I was proud of him for accepting the change graciously and not allowing it to sour his enjoyment of the day.


More cute stuff

And to finish out the month, a few more cute vignettes:

IMG_2375Aaron sleeping after a long day at church.  (Well, long for him.)

IMG_2379Aaron playing peek-a-boo through the crib slats

IMG_2381 Emma’s note to me.  It made my heart melt.  :)

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