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We all scream for ice cream

We all scream for ice cream

I’ve never lived anywhere where the neighborhood ice cream truck was as persistent as the one we have here. Every time we hear those clanging chords, we announce “There’s that noisy truck again. It plays loud music, doesn’t it?” […]

A career move you’ve likely never considered

Ahh . . . glorious, random Bizarro.  How I do love thee.  

A silent gospel

Cassia and I thoroughly enjoyed this "Bizarro" cartoon from June 2, only recently made available in digital form for nonsubscribers to King Features’ DailyINK comics service.

Famous last words

There are times when I really, really enjoy Dan Piraro’s Bizarro comic strip.  This is one of them.  From May 1: That blindfolded guy would be me, if my good intentions always translated into actions.