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When I set up this blog nearly a year and a half ago (back when it was on Blogspot), I established a policy that all comments to it had to be moderated by the administrator – namely, me.  That policy still stands, and I hope you can all appreciate why.  The other day I checked my blog’s "spam filter" and deleted about 16 or so automated comments which openly advertised (and had links to) pornographic content.  That just doesn’t fly with me at all.

We’ve recently experienced a bit of an uptick in readership, and we think that’s great!  We hope that you’ll feel free to express your views (whether in agreement or not) on any of the items posted here.  Thoughtful, spirited discussion is never something to run away from.  We just hope you’ll understand why your comments may not immediately appear on our page.  I check my e-mail many, many times throughout the day (my Outlook does it every 20 minutes whenever my computer’s on), so there shouldn’t be any significant delay between the time you post your comment and the time it shows up here.

Thanks to everyone for checking us out!

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