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A few words about . . . "The Testaments" on DVD

The LDS Church has recently released its film The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd on DVD. The Testaments enjoyed phenomenal success playing at the Legacy Theater in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City since its release in 2000, though it has since been replaced by the more recent film Joseph […]

Richard Dutcher, a polarizing LDS filmmaker

Back when Richard Dutcher’s God’s Army burst onto Utah movie screens in 2000, marking a complete revolution in LDS cinema, I don’t think anyone realized at the time what kind of primal creative force had just been unleashed. Dutcher brought to audiences an unflinching, warts-and-all perspective of Mormon missionaries and LDS culture that some found […]

A few words about . . . Saints and Soldiers

The film: For months prior to its theatrical release, Saints and Soldiers had been at or near the top of my must-see list. Here was what looked to be a great war movie about Mormons, with none of the prohibitive content which made films like Saving Private Ryan and the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers […]