This post commemorates two momentous occasions.

  1. It’s our 100th post.  Hooray for us!
  2. A new page has been added to the blog.  It’s titled, simply, "Today’s Comics," and you can view it by clicking on the tab at the top of this or any other page on our website. The purpose of the page is fairly straightforward: every day, you will find that day’s comic strips, fresh off the presses and ready for your enjoyment.  Of course, there are no lame comics allowed here, so the pickings are a bit slimmer than you’ll find in your local newspaper. But what’s here is usually quite good from day to day.

Allow me to celebrate the moment by posting one of my favorite "F Minus" strips ever (published 08/06/2007). Sometimes a comic just has to make you gasp. Then the laughs spill out.


F Minus 08-06-2007

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