When a toddler descends the stairs

Unlike her older brother, Emma never had much interest in learning to conquer stairs. All that changed, however, when we arrived in our new house, which features a 13-step staircase to the upper floor where the bedrooms are located. Cassia taught Emma to go down stairs using a reverse-crawl technique, and within a few days our little girl was going up and down stairs like a pro. Today she descends stairs so quickly it has the appearance of barely controlled falling, or of a frog swimming backwards in a pond. Here is some video Cassia recorded yesterday (09/24) showcasing Emma’s skills:

Poor Jonathan. He wants to be the center of attention too!

Actually, that’s a recurring theme in nearly every video featuring Emma. This next one is a classic baby milestone: Emma’s first taste of solid foods.

The next two videos come from Emma’s birthday celebration in late July. I was here in Atlanta looking for a home on her actual birthday, so we held a small family party soon after I returned home. Here’s Emma playing peek-a-boo with her bib:

And here’s her first encounter with birthday cake. She didn’t know what to make of it at first, at least until we eventually put some in her mouth and she figured out that it was not only edible, but quite yummy, too.

Bonus: The title of this post is based on a 1960 Japanese movie, When a Woman Ascends the Stairs, yet unseen by me, but on my Blockbuster queue. No similarity between the main character of that movie and our little Emma is intended or should be inferred. :)

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  1. Supergirl! The videos of Emma are super cute! Thanks for letting us share. Emma going down stairs and that big beautiful smile are wonderful to see.

  2. Thanks! We’re happy to share. Now that we’ve got our video sharing system worked out, we hope to be able to post more little clips like these in the future.

  3. What fun technology is! You guys are such a cute family, and I miss seeing your smiles in the ward every week. We’re far enough into the semester now that new families and callings have started to settle into a familiar routine here. I’m realizing that this year is my “last” for a lot of things, and it’s kind of weird. 10 years of school and you start to feel like that’s all you’re ever going to do! So I’m savoring the small moments and trying to look forward to new adventures. I think I’m actually going to miss Provo. (I have no idea where I’m going just yet…) And guess what!? I’m going to stop in Atlanta, GA on my way to Santiago, Chile for my cousin Karla’s wedding on Oct. 8th (and on my way back on the 13th), so I’ll wave to your city from the airport! :)

  4. So Cute! Wow i did not know that there at that time i sounded like that!

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