We’ve got a brand new look

It’s time to change the way you think about the “family blog.”

As anyone who has maintained the blogging habit for any appreciable length of time knows, nonprofessional blog sites exemplify the law of entropy.  They start out small enough, usually with a brief “Hello World!” type of post, a few pictures, and some links to other sites.  But they get big and unwieldy in a hurry, and soon the challenge becomes how to organize it all while ensuring that older posts don’t fade into oblivion.

Since The Beckman Blog began nearly three years ago, we’ve racked up 188 posts (not including this one), 29 videos, and at least twice that many pictures.  Our posts are organized into 20 categories and 120 tags, with 200 comments collected so far.  I’m not just quoting stats to inflate my ego; other family-type blogs out there easily surpass us on multiple levels.  But you can easily see how difficult it can be to keep everything neatly contained, particularly when you’re dealing with two authors who post on a wide variety of topics.  I wanted to find a way to organize our material to maximize ease of access to the things our readers are interested in seeing, yet reduce our home page footprint and still remain aesthetically appealing.

We’re interested in your feedback.  Let us know what you think!

Photo credit: blue ridge parkway 7-20-06

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