O Tannenbaum

Well, there’s only 6 days left until Christmas, so we figured it was high time for us to set up our Christmas tree.


Actually, we’ve had the thing in our garage since Thanksgiving, but with all of the end-of-semester stuff going on we simply didn’t have the time or motivation to put it up.

This is a pretty big deal for us, as it marks the first time in our 4 1/2 years of marriage that we’ve ever had a Christmas tree in our home.  (Our previous residences were simply too small to accommodate one.)

This beauty is a 7 1/2 foot artificial Madison pine with 800 built-in lights and a rotating stand.  (We don’t know why anyone would want to turn on the rotating switch for display purposes, but it sure came in handy while decorating.)  It retails at Sears for $299.99, but we got it at the great Black Friday doorbuster price of $99.99.  Subtract $15 worth of coupons, and the remaining balance on our Sears gift card from the whole bed delivery debacle, and we only paid a little over $61 total for it.  To quote 2007’s “Word of the Year” (ahem): w00t!

Cassia put up the tree on Friday night (12/14) while I was out with the missionaries.  We then spent the better part of two hours shaping it to look rich and full.  We were going to decorate it Monday night for family home evening, but when we opened our ornament boxes we realized they didn’t come with hangers (yeah yeah, we’re new at this), so I got those on Tuesday.  And tonight we finally put them up.  Delays, delays.  Whattaya gonna do?

Our decorations are small and simple, but we’re sure they’ll increase in number and variety in the years to come.  Overall we love the look of our tree and definitely feel that we got more than our money’s worth.  All we’re missing now is some artificial pine scent.  :)


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  1. it’s gorgeous! And snaps to you for getting such a good deal on it!!!

    Cassia… I think our organ has a bass coupler. One of the other organists told me one day, “If you press number 6 it sounds like you’re playing the pedals when you’re not!” That makes me happy :)

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