The rest of December 2013

Despite the thumbnail picture and the name of this post, it’s still mostly pictures of Aaron.  But I slipped in a few other things as well.  :)

The last post left off on December 16th, when Aaron was exactly 2 weeks old.  Just because I really like that picture, I’ll start this post with it.  To remind you of where we left off, I guess.  :)


And on to the next day – 15 days old.



I took those pictures because he looked cute.  And because he was wrapped in a baby doll blanket.  Yeah.  He sleeps better when sitting up a bit so I often use the car seat as his portable sleeping place.  But I try to put a blanket in first to make it more comfortable.  This day I realized I didn’t have a baby blanket nearby but someone had left one of the doll blankets out.  So that’s what he got.

Fun side note – you can see just a bit of the blue sleeper he was wearing.   That is one of my favorite baby outfits.  I got that sleeper with Jonathan and every one of my children have worn it.  The fact that it is still wearable is a tribute to how gentle babies are on their clothes (as in they aren’t ripped apart).  Though now that I think about it, I’m surprised the sleeper isn’t stained yellow from all the spit up it’s seen.  Amazing.


To be honest, my pictures kind of drift off about this point as I tried to transition back into mothering all my children.  Bryan had a very short business trip during the last week of school before Christmas vacation so I got to test my readiness to get back into normal life.  Let’s just say it was great when he returned home again.  :)  I took no pictures during the rest of that week.


My next pictures came on Monday the 23rd – the first day of Christmas vacation for the children and Aaron’s 3 week mark.


He was cute.  And 3 weeks old.  I had to get a picture!  Then the other children noticed and wanted to join in.  Even better.  :)


I am constantly amazed by how quickly they are all growing.


And then came Christmas.  This year we encouraged our children to focus more on giving than on getting and told them that we would match any of their money that they chose to spend as a gift for someone else (so if they chose to spend $5 they could get $10 worth).  They took full advantage of that, mostly for each other.  :)


This picture shows those gifts to each other.  It makes me smile to remember how much they tried to pick the perfect gift, especially Jonathan.  And then they each lovingly wrapped the gifts themselves.  And addressed them.  I love the way Jonathan decorated Kathryn and Emma’s gifts with a picture as well.  And the way that Kathryn differentiated between the gifts for Abigail and Aaron – a big A with flowing hair on Abby’s and then a very little A on Aaron’s.  :)

IMG_3499 sm

Bryan took this picture late Christmas Eve, once we had set everything out.  He did a great job capturing the soft, warm feel created by the tree.  It brings back happy memories.  :)

Bryan was awesome.  He woke up early (well, earlier than most of us) and made a delicious breakfast.  Thanks to him, the kids had some good protein in them to try to counteract the candy they were about to binge on.  Then he spent a good part of the afternoon making dinner.  Just like he did on Thanksgiving.  I hope to someday soon backtrack and share some of those pictures from November.  But for now, back to December.  :)

Oddly enough, we didn’t take any pictures on Christmas.  We did record the present opening, but that’s all on video.  Four videos actually.  While I’d be happy to upload those in someone would really like to watch, for now I think I’ll just keep them for our own family archives.  :)

I did get some more pictures of Aaron the next day.  He was sleeping and, as always, just looked really cute to me.  :)

IMG_1260   IMG_1268

You may think the second picture shows one of his first intentional smiles.  It sure looks cute, doesn’t it?  But he wasn’t purposefully smiling yet.  This picture shows him dreaming.  Yep, with his eyes open.  My babies like to sleep with their eyes open.  It used to be creepy but I’ve gotten used to it.  :)

And the final pictures of the month were taken on Bryan’s birthday.  We treated Bryan to a strawberry and red velvet ice cream Cold Stone cake.  It brought back memories of having the same cake at my parents’ home many years ago, and the knife sizzling as soon as it touched the cake because my dad heated it on the stove to better cut through the frozen cake.  :)  But alas, we have no pictures from that.  No pictures of Bryan, but I did get some of Aaron.  Because he looked cute as he slept.  :)



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  1. Thank you! This made my day! All beautiful children–and the older ones are getting so big.



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