May 2012

May was busy with end of school stuff. And I never seemed to remember my camera. I thought I’d at least gotten some pictures of Jonathan’s end of school party but if I did they seemed to have disappeared. Maybe I’ll find them later and do a part 2. We’ll see. :)

End of School

Kathryn – Getting ready to go to preschool.  She loves being like her older siblings!


Emma – Showing off the puzzle that she won from treasure box.  She saw the puzzle and thought that Jonathan would like it, so she got it for him.  That melted my heart!


Jonathan – We have two things from Jonathan.  First, the “pinch pot” he brought home from school.  He and Emma both made little pottery bowls in art.  His was a little more… unique…

Yes, it is a fish with fangs and a tongue hanging out.

And here is Jonathan posing, showing off his face makeup from a school party. I think they had a tug of war competitions with the other 2nd grade classes, so they tried to look more intimidating.



No month would be complete without something creative, right?  Well here is the picture for this month:

Can’t immediately see how a bowl of fruit in water is creativity?  Here’s how:

Jonathan decided to use the fruit to model a fish scene.  The fact that the bowl is blue isn’t a mistake.  I can’t remember if this was supposed to be a fish tank or the ocean.  Probably the ocean since it’s based on Finding Nemo.  The blackberries in the bottom are little fish, the apple is Mr. Ray (the school teacher stingray) and the banana is a friendly shark.

I took the picture so I could convince him to go ahead and eat at least some of it.  :)


Photo shoots

And the rest of the pictures from May fall squarely into the “Mom decided to do a photo shoot” category.

Abby was looking especially cute while enjoying her Cheerios and Kix (loving to feed herself!)

Emma wanted some camera attention too:


And then these photos were spurred by the matching dresses I found for the girls.  Something about matching dresses just made me want to capture the moment, with my little ones in different stages and yet still connected.  It didn’t work out too well.  Note to self: right after church is not a good time for anything but  lunch and rest.  :)

Having them lay down *sounded* like a good idea, especially with Abby being so young. Jonathan decided to spread out though, and Abby wasn't enjoying it no matter the position.

OK, so all together didn’t work so well.  What about just the girls?  Maybe with Emma holding Abby.  (Emma being my little maternal daughter)

Cute, but Emma's not looking and Kathryn has hair in her mouth. Oh yeah, and Abby is having a very hard time.

Abby's calmer, but now Emma's face looks concerned. And Kathryn - what are you doing with your tongue?!

Abby's mad again, but Emma's smiling at least. Kathryn decided folding would make a good picture pose.

Kathryn's up and Emma's smiling. Two wins. But I don't think we'll get Abby - she's making it clear that she is *done*.

So then I put Abby to bed.  She really needed a nap!  (And no, not just because she was crying while I was trying to take pictures.  She really did need one.)  But I wanted good pictures!  So I convinced my girls to join their older brother on the couch for one more try.

Emma looks good. Jonathan needs to learn to give a real smile. But what is Kathryn doing?

Emma still looks good. Jonathan's smiling (yay!). Kathryn's almost smiling. Kind of.

And they dissolved into giggles. At least they're all smiling, right?

OK, maybe try looking at the book instead of me. Maybe I can get a good "in the moment" look. Oh - Emma's tongue. Maybe not.

So… no contenders for our family pictures on the wall. But at least I got some fun pictures.  And plenty to illustrate how hard it is to take group pictures with multiple children.  :)

And I just have to add that I love our digital camera!  I love being able to just push down the button and take a ton of pictures because it makes it much more likely that I’ll get one or two good ones.  And I love the fact that I don’t have to develop all of them to find the good ones.  That would get very pricey, very fast.  Yep, the digital camera was a wonderful invention indeed.  :)

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