More April fun

Playing catchup.  I have been woefully absent these past few months so I plan to repent and get caught up this next week.  I’m determined to actually do it so I’m starting where I left off, knowing that I’ll get to the recent stuff very soon.  Hopefully I’m not deluding myself.  :)

Some snippets from April:


We had an Easter egg hunt.  Our children love egg hunts so naturally they all enjoyed it.  We took a number of pictures, but most ended up too blurry to be presentable.  Ironically, most of the best featured Emma posing.  Go figure.  :)

This basket won't be empty for long...

OK, well *most* of our children enjoyed the hunt.

"Look! An egg inside an egg!" (And another blurry picture showed that there was yet another egg inside the smaller one)

Inspecting the eggs together. I know that Jonathan and Kathryn got eggs too so I'm not sure why their baskets are empty here. Their eggs are probably hiding from the camera somewhere.

Mommy’s mistake

Here is proof that I, too, make mistakes:

It had been a very long Sunday (even though it wasn’t yet 1pm).  I needed to get the children home ASAP so we all could eat lunch and then nap.  And I accidentally put Abby in Kathryn’s car seat and started to buckle her up.  I didn’t realize what I had done until Kathryn cried out “No!  Not Abby in my seat!”

What made this especially funny was that I had just shared the new AAP car seat guidelines (rear facing until 2 yrs, ideally) with friends on Facebook.  And not just shared, but fiercely advocated (or at least, responded strongly to grumbling about them).  And here I was, trying to put my 8 month old in a forward facing car seat.  Truthfully, I’m not sure what is funnier – that I was mixing up the car seats or that I was actually probably mixing up the children.  So yeah, definitely not perfect here.  :)

Birthday Cookies

Jonathan’s class decided to celebrate the summer birthdays in April, with each child picking their own “substitute birthday” in the month.  Jonathan was so excited to celebrate his “birthday” and begged me to bring a treat for his class.  And he wanted to help make it.

Now some background here: I have issues with messes, especially sticky or wet ones.  My poor children have been denied many a craft because the idea of it (and the mess that would most likely ensue) is too much for me.  So having my children cook with me is not naturally a pleasant idea.  That’s something I’m trying to work on, but it’s hard.

So Jonathan wanted to make cookies.  And he wanted to help.  And he wanted to make sugar cookies.  With frosting.  And sprinkles.  And of course his sisters wanted to help too.  Especially Katie.  And Bryan was out of town so it was up to me to take care of everything.

So I took a deep breath, mustered up a lot of positive thoughts, and went for it.  And it actually turned out to be quite fun, and not nearly as messy as I’d thought it would be.

We had some white frosting that we added food coloring to - perfect colors for the Easter/spring feel of the month!

The finished products. Katie's definitely ended up with more sprinkles than usual. :) But other than that, they all did a really good job.

Jonathan was so excited to pass those out the next day!  And he kept telling his friends that all of us helped make them.  It was really sweet.

The Play

The children decided to put on a play.  This wasn’t a “make it up as you go” play like they usually do.  It was a thought out play, complete with costumes, props, and multiple rehearsals to make sure they got it right.  Kathryn played the princess in distress, Emma the evil witch who kidnaps the princess then gets mad and levels a forest after the princess was rescued, and Jonathan the ninja who rescues the princess then fixes the forest and turns the witch good.  I didn’t get pictures of the play itself, but here is a shot of their costumes.  I especially love Emma’s teeth.  :)

Jonathan’s “Cats” Book

As all who have followed this blog are well aware, Jonathan is quite creative.  Last year he got into making books.  This one is my favorite thus far.  Jonathan has a “do it quickly and move on” style with most of his art, but for this book he really tried to think it through and do a good job, and it shows.

The sticker pictures came from a nature book of Emma's. They were the last things added to the book.

I especially enjoyed his glossaries - both the definitions as well as what he decided to define.

ICAN Rally

This is a topic that I am very passionate about.  I could write a whole post – many posts actually – on pregnancy and birth-related topics.  I’ve been an active member of the Atlanta chapter of ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) for over four years now.  My involvement started when I tried to find an OB early in my pregnancy with Kathryn only to find that most I interviewed were not very supportive of VBAC (normal Birth After Cesarean), even though I’d already done it with Emma.  I didn’t realize how hard it was to find a supportive doctor, or how much I had lucked out with the practice I’d used with Emma.  ICAN not only helped me find a supportive provider but also spurred me to more fully research VBAC and birth-related topics – putting to work the scientific research skills I gleaned from my microbiology classes.  I had wanted to VBAC with Emma based on common sense and gut feeling, but the research deepened both my commitment and my shock at the fact that so much that is currently done with birth is not really evidence based.  And yet it is still common.

(*Note* – when I say research, I’m not referring to random blog posts created by anti-establishment groups.  I’m referring to actual scientific research.  Including the research that is used by ACOG – the group that creates standard practice guidelines for OB/GYNs in the United States.  I just wanted to be clear on that.)

Every April the Atlanta chapter hosts an awareness rally in front of one of the local hospitals.  This was the first year I was able to participate.  This sign addresses one of my biggest pet peeves – the scientific evidence that we have supports VBAC, VBA2C (after two c-sections instead of just one), VBA3+C, and even breech birth as comparable in risk if not even safer than having a planned c-section.  Even ACOG has acknowledged this.  And yet it is hard to find a doctor who really supports VBA1C, let alone the others.  In most cases, if a woman has had more than one c-section or has a breech baby she is told that a(nother) c-section is the only choice she has, or that not doing an elective c-section is irresponsibly risky even though, statically, the risks may actually be higher the other way.

This is a topic that I could definitely write more on.  But it’s late.  And this is an April post, not a birth issues post.  :)  But if anyone is interested in hearing more or would like to read some of the research I’d be happy to oblige.  :)

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  1. Good to read about the family again. More!

  2. Your kids are son fun, and I especially love seeing how they interact and play together. What a fun family!
    I think the ICAN information sounds very interesting. I haven’t had a c-section, so I haven’t had to fight that battle, but I think it’s a great cause and totally understand your passion! It seems like a lot of a woman’s body’s natural capabilities are being ignored in births these days. It’s amazing what it’s all built to do!

  3. I would love having more information about vbac after 2 c-sections. I had to have an emergency c-section with Katelyn and then Christopher had the cord wrapped around his neck a few times and his heart rate would drop every contraction when I tried to do a vbac. I was told I had to have c-sections if we have any more children but the recovery is so hard it would be nice not too.

  4. Heather – I’ll email you some information and links. :)

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