January 2014

Aaron at 1 month old

IMG_1279 IMG_1282 IMG_1287This was his first outfit, until we decided it was too big and switched it out for a newborn sized sleeper.  But here, at 1 month, it fit him well.  Fun to see how much he’s grown!  :)


And finally, a moment between father and son.  I love seeing this!



Tongue pictures 

Don’t worry, I’m not sharing the actual mouth pictures.  I find them interesting but I’m weird like that.  :)

I discovered in December that Aaron had a tongue and lip tie.  I was having some discomfort with nursing but figured it was just part of getting back into it again.  At my 2 week check-up my midwife asked about it and told me she was pretty sure the discomfort phase should have passed by now.  She recommended I meet with a lactation consultant just to be sure.   And that’s how I learned that the “tongue and/or lip tie” issue wasn’t just one I would hear about from friends but one I was actually experiencing myself.  It meant that he couldn’t latch properly.  Thankfully he was still gaining weight well (poor weight gain is a common problem for tongue tied babies), but because it was causing issues for me (and to head off any future speech or dental issues that could also come from it) we went ahead and got it clipped.  He has been able to nurse better, though we’re still trying to get rid of old bad habits from before the tongue release.

Realizing that I’d had similar issues with some of my other children got me looking at all of their mouths.  And taking lots of pictures, including a few more “normal” pictures.  :)


Jonathan wanted a picture with me after we finished his mouth pictures.  So I obliged.  I was going for nice, smiling picture.  Then I realized he wasn’t.  So I joined him.  :)

IMG_1311  Emma was her usual smiley self.IMG_1328IMG_1319

I didn’t get any normal pictures of Kathryn.  Her patience was used up (and beyond) when trying to get good mouth pictures.  I still can’t quite figure out if she simply didn’t understand the instructions I was giving or if she actually couldn’t do what I was asking her to do.  And we actually didn’t get any good mouth pictures of Abigail.  Same issue.  Though she was quite willing to open her mouth whenever I got the camera out – I just couldn’t touch her mouth or get too close.  :)

IMG_3534 sm


Aaron at 5 weeks old

IMG_1415 IMG_1418Like the furrowed brow expression?  That was actually his most common expression for the first 4-6 weeks.  In fact he furrowed his brow so much and so strongly that he started getting frown lines!  Thankfully his expression has relaxed quite a bit now.  :)



Aaron at 5 1/2 weeks

Just because he was cute.  Again.  He was trying to fight sleep.  :)

IMG_1457  IMG_1459


Aaron at 6 weeks


Not the best picture, but good enough.  :)  I realized when getting ready for bed that I’d not taken any pictures of him on his 6 week day.  So I took a few quick ones before he got impatient.  :)



Aaron’s blessing day

It’s hard to visit with family when we live across the country from each other.  But we were lucky enough to have Bryan’s parents and youngest brother come for the weekend so they could be there for Aaron’s baby blessing.  It was so fun to have them over!  It seemed like the weekend flew by.

I snuck in a quick photo shoot after church.  I had to work quickly to get some pictures before being interrupted by another child.  And before Aaron made the outfit laundry-worthy.  I was actually quite amazed it lasted through church!  :)


This pictures makes me smile.  To me, it represents so much love and connection to others.  His outfit was a gift from my parents and actually is the same style that Jonathan wore 9 1/2 years ago (though Jonathan’s was a smaller size).  The blanket was a gift from my Grandma Kofoed, a white blanket she made just for him.  :)  And the little white booties were crocheted by a sweet sister in the ward, who made similar booties for Kathryn and Abigail.  So much kindness and care shown here!  :)

And, as my picture taking method is to take a ton and hope one or two come out looking good, I ended up with a lot of “expression” shots.  I figured it’d be fun to share a few.  :)

IMG_1525  IMG_1481 IMG_1487 IMG_1492 IMG_1500 IMG_1511 IMG_1516

And, to end on a non-Aaron note:


I don’t feel like a naturally creative person.  So when I am finally able to put something together I tend to get really excited.  :)  These pictures were from Kathryn’s 2012 calendar.  I used some of the pictures in their bathroom and then she and Emma wanted the rest in their room.  I gathered our unused frames – including ones I’d used back in high school – figured out which ones matched well enough to go together, and then had Kathryn decide how to crop each picture.  And then I played with them to find an arrangement that would work.  I think it turned out pretty well.  :)

I have a few more pictures from the month (Georgia snow storm pictures) but those deserve their own post.  :)

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  1. I appreciate your sending these so I can sort of keep up. They change so fast. Family is exciting! Aaron seems to be all boy. I doubt that he would be taken for a girl.



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