Introducing Aaron

Aaron arrived December 2nd at 4:11pm.  I had been hoping to make it to 39 weeks along and be officially “full term” but he decided to come one day shy of that.  Ah well.  :)


Sweet yawn!


Apparently he wasn’t too happy to be out.

He weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 21″ long.  Though apparently he shrunk about an inch by the time he was 18 hours old.  And then gained it and more back rather quickly.  I’ve decided that measuring a newborn’s height is not much more than an estimation.  It’s hard to get them to extend their legs, let alone stay still!

The children were being cared for by some good friends who were kind enough to keep them overnight that night and get them off to school the next morning.  So the plan was to have them all come meet Aaron when they got home from school.  Bryan kept them downstairs until all had arrived back home (three separate buses) then brought them all up to meet their new baby brother together.

Meeting Aaron - Abigail (sm)


Meeting Aaron (sm)

The girls, all enthralled

Meeting Aaron - Kathryn (sm)


Meeting Aaron - Jonathan (sm)

Jonathan – he has a brother! :)

Meeting Aaron - Emma(sm)

Emma, my little nurturer

Meeting Aaron - Abigail and Kathryn (sm)

And Bryan got a “mom and children” picture to round it all out.

Mom and children

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  1. I absolutely love these pictures. I can’t want to see all of you and give you all lots of hugs when we come out!

  2. Congratulations, congratulations! What a lovely family for Aaron to find love and joy forever!

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