Aaron’s first two weeks

He may be my fifth little one but that doesn’t stop me from taking a ton of pictures of my sweet little one!  It may, however, stop me from doing anything with those pictures.  Or at least make it harder to do so.  But here is my attempt to share some.  :)

I originally planned to make this “Aaron’s first month” or “first 6 weeks.”  But then I realized how many pictures I’d be sharing and decided to split them up.  :)  And to be clear – this is just a small sampling of the many pictures I’ve been taking.  I tend to do the “take a bunch of pictures and hope one or two turn out well” philosophy of digital photography.  :)


4 days old – my glowbaby

Aaron seems to really like following in Kathryn’s footsteps, at least as far as blood goes.  My Rh titers did very similar things (stayed low through most of the pregnancy – for Aaron for all of it), he is O+ just like her (the rest are A+), and he got jaundice severely enough to need phototherapy.  I was grateful that our current pediatrician had a bilibed they could give me right then, as opposed to needing to go through or to the hospital for the lights.  But then the nurse came in with this little rectangular device.  It was still called a bilibed but it was small enough to fit inside his clothes.  And was battery powered (just charge it when you are near an outlet for a while).  Wow!  This thing was light years ahead of the real bed that we had with Kathryn!  This meant that I could still hold him and move him as wanted, albeit with a wire and battery box to bring along.  And it meant that he could literally be exposed to the light continuously, even when nursing or getting a diaper change (the device has a soft cover protecting it, just in case),  which would help it be more effective.  It was amazing!


5 days old

IMG_1088 IMG_1103IMG_1111The bili”bed” worked beautifully and after a day and a half of it his numbers had dropped dramatically into a normal range and stayed down.  Yay!  At that point I was happy to get rid of the cord.  Still thankful for the device, but definitely happy to not need it anymore.

On a fun note – Aaron’s umbilical cord fell off the night that we got the bilibed.  I teased that he’d traded one cord for another.  :)


10 days old


IMG_1153 IMG_1152




Maybe he was thinking, “Huh, I wonder what that is.” :)


 11 days old

I saw Aaron’s profile while he was laying in the playpen – the same playpen that all my children but Jonathan have used – and immediately thought of this post: http://www.beckmanfamily.net/2008/09/the-beckman-profile/.  What do you think – same profile? My babies all seem to look alike to me.  :)


To my children, but Emma especially, holding Aaron has been a special treat.  IMG_1162


Abby’s disappointed that she doesn’t get to hold him by herself like her older siblings get to.


12 days old

IMG_1183 IMG_1184 IMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1205

This video doesn’t show any smiling or anything like that. It’s basically just him making his normal noises (not much) and moving as was normal for him at nearly 2 weeks old. :)

And more of Emma loving her little brother –

IMG_3495 smIMG_3482 smIMG_3492 smIMG_3485 sm

13 days old

IMG_1214 IMG_1208

2 weeks old! IMG_1218

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  1. Thanks for sending these. He is a fine looking boy!



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