Emma’s Perseverance

Bryan’s parents recently gave us a cute Christmas tree decoration with a moving train and lights.  The children adore it.  To reduce the spread of glitter (and the chance of it getting broken), we have put it a little out of our children’s reach.  But that’s what climbing is for, right?  :)

The name of the post comes from the fact that this was at least the third time in a row that Emma had moved the chair and climbed up.  Each time, I removed it.  And each time, she patiently walked back over to the craft table and placed the chair back where she wanted it.  She is certainly a determined little girl!  :)

She finally decided to stop trying to get the decoration and just dance.  :)


(And, for any who were wondering, the “Don’t take it away from me” from Jonathan came when I moved to better show Emma climbing up to the decoration.  After changing position, I realized that Jonathan had moved the piano bench behind me and was in the process of climbing up to look at the camera with me.  Poor child doesn’t quite get the concept of waiting yet.  :)  He did get to see the video when we finished, though, and happily watched it 2 or 3 times.)


Oh, and here’s a close-up of the tree decoration:


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  1. Thanks for sharing that. She is so adorable. I will have to show Grampa. Love, Gramma

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