Jonathan’s blood cells

Jonathan was trying to convince me to let him have a treat last night.  I was actually okay with it, but needed him to wait a bit – I was taking care of Kathryn.  This was the conversation that followed:

Jonathan: “But my blood cells say I need one!”

Me (exasperated after his constant asking): “Well, then maybe your blood cells need to stand in a corner.”

Jonathan: “No!  Then they’d get red everywhere!”


Me (smiling): “Well, my blood would attack your blood cells, so there!”

We have a problem in our family.  The baby dolls are constantly telling our children to either do naughty things or nag me.  Apparently Jonathan’s blood cells have joined the fun.  :)

And by the way–having three children in a grocery store is crazy, but doable, especially when one is strapped onto me and another is sitting in the cart.  Without the baby carrier, however, well… I just wouldn’t recommend that.  :)  At least Jonathan’s old enough to mostly put the correct things in the cart and push it.  :)

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  1. Yes, I was joking with Cassia this morning that our childrens’ baby dolls have developed a symbiotic relationship with them, except the dolls are the parasites and our children are the hosts.

    “My baby doesn’t want me to clean up.”

    “My baby says I need to have dessert.”

    “My baby wants sanitizer on her.” (This actually happened – Emma got down a bottle of hand sanitizer and proceeded to empty it onto her doll, soaking her head, hands, and clothes in a giant puddle on the bathroom floor.)

    And so on and so on. I’m tempted to respond in kind:

    “Your baby doll wants me to put you in your room.”

  2. Oh Cassia! Your response was hilarious and i can just hear you say it in a playful way! :) And i do remember Emma always soaking her dolls’ heads

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