Highlights of the past week and a half

We had some pretty big things happen the weekend before last.  I’ll try to quickly touch on them here.  :)


What was Kathryn for Halloween? Jonathan declared she would be a nightmare. :) She actually was very well-behaved. No trick-or-treating though. Maybe next year. :) This cute bunny costume was actually given to us the day before by a good friend of mine.

Our littlest, but she wasn't allowed to trick-or-treat. Maybe next year. :) This cute little bunny costume was given to us the day before by a good friend of mine. :)

Our little bunny.

Here are the trick-or-treaters. Jonathan was originally going to be Spider-Man, but decided to let Emma have the costume when he saw how much she loved it. He ended up being Batman instead. He’d actually been sick all week, so we were glad that he was healthy (enough) to enjoy the festivities.

The trick-or-treaters

Beckman Visit

Notice someone else in the above picture?  That Jedi is actually Bryan’s younger brother Matthew.  :)  Mom and Dad Beckman and Matthew flew in just in time to celebrate Halloween evening with us (i.e. trick-or-treating) and were able to stay until Sunday night.  It was so wonderful to see them again!  It was also a weird experience to see Matthew–he’s just an inch or so away from my height!  It was hard to remember that he was still just shy of 12.  Note to self–prepare to have your son pass you up in height in about 8 or 9 years.

Kathryn "helping" Grandma Beckman play UNO.

Kathryn honored the visit with a wonderful development–her first non-sleeping smile at exactly 6 weeks old.  :)  The lucky recipient was her daddy.

A sweet Daddy and Kathryn moment


We timed Kathryn’s blessing to correspond with her grandparent’s visit.  They had to leave right after church, but it was wonderful to have them here as long as we did.  And it was a sweet development to be able to have Grandpa Beckman there for her blessing.  We are realizing little by little how “spoiled” we were when we lived in Provo and had the farthest family only 8 hours away.  :)

Some pictures Mom Beckman got before church:

Trying to get a picture of all three children without waking Kathryn.

Kathryn did really well.  I was afraid she’d cry a lot, but I don’t think she did at all.  It was sweet–she used the blanket that my Grandma Kofoed made for Jonathan’s blessing, a dress like Emma’s blessing dress (but a size smaller because we thought ahead a little more this time), the same socks Emma used for her blessing, and some beautiful little white booties that a ward member made for her.  I love those connections!  :)

After church, I played “Mom-arazzi” and did a bit of a photo shoot.  Kathryn’s patience waned after just a little bit, but I think I got a couple of cute pictures.  :)

I love the embroidery on the dress! And I also love that this dress cost about half as much as most of the others that I've seen. Yay for the Church Distribution Center! :)

Maybe a hint of a smile?

Jonathan trying to "help Kathryn" pose for the pictures. He's a very loving and protective big brother to her. :)

I tried to get some sibling photos, too.  But mine didn’t turn out quite as well as Mom Beckman’s did.  Kathryn was done with the photo shoot.  :)

Bryan was trying to get the older two to look at me and smile by making faces. Jonathan just copied them. :)

And, as long as I’m doing cute pictures of Emma, here’s another one of her new outfits from Grandma Beckman.  The picture is a little scary to me–she definitely doesn’t look like a toddler anymore!  I promise she really did just turn two a few months ago.

Wow. She looks ready for kindergarten, not too young for preschool! :)

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  1. Awesome!

  2. Very cute! I loved them :)

  3. Your kids are so cute. I have not been to visit other people’s blogs for a while and was caught off guard that you already had your baby. She is just super cute and I love Emma’s pretty smiles. She seems like a really happy toddler.

  4. Oh my, I am behind…major! I didn’t realize you already had Kathryn already. And what a cutie!! I feel like October was over in a day..in a blink of an eye, etc. The pictures are very cute of all three kids. I can’t believe you are a family of five now. Crazy how fast time goes!

  5. AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Those are cute pictures!

  6. This is the first time we have seen the pictures of Kathryn and the kids, they are so adorable. I miss you guys sooooo much, you guys make an adorable family. We love you!

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