Maybe they thought the wedding would be in the Monticello temple

Talk about your strained in-law relations. A day before a pair of BYU students were set to be married, the bride-to-be’s parents abduct her and take a little drive to Grand Junction, Colorado.

The Daily Universe reports:

Last Friday, [BYU student Perry] Myers’ then-future in-laws allegedly abducted their daughter, Julianna Redd, a senior majoring in exercise science, to prevent her marriage to Myers.

"She [Redd] thought she was going to buy some stuff for the wedding and she ended up getting abducted," said Myers, a senior majoring in political science.

After leaving with their daughter in the car, Redd’s parents, Julia and Lemuel Redd, headed to Grand Junction, Colo., where they stayed overnight, said Capt. Rick Healey of the Provo Police Department Detective Division. The Redds may face kidnapping charges, but the county attorney’s office has not yet decided, Healey said.

Thankfully, the Redds brought their daughter back to Provo the following day, and Perry and Julianna were married on a Tuesday. All’s well that ends well, I guess, but that whole situation’s going to make for some awkward conversations for the next little while.

Myers and his wife said they were aware of her parents’ feelings about their union, but didn’t know they were so strongly opposed.

"We weren’t expecting anything this drastic," Myers said.

That’s something to think about any time you think you’ve got it bad with your in-laws. Perry, you take the cake on this one. Heaven help you, my friend.

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