Jonathan sorts

Jonathan has reached the sorting stage. It’s amazing how children start doing things like that without much (if any) direction. I don’t think I even consciously worked with him to sort and now he loves to sort everything! If I remember correctly, he started by sorting his magnetic letters (by color). His most common sorting medium now, though, is food. This is usually reserved for snacks (fruit snacks specifically) and small treats (M&Ms are a favorite), but now and then he branches out to other foods.

Here he is sorting his breakfast cereal. The flakes are carefully put to one side while the blueberries are gathered on the other side.



I actually got chastised once or twice before this particular morning for putting milk in his cereal, which made it so he couldn’t get the blueberries without getting milk all over his hands. :)

It was a very good thing we did not have anywhere important to go at that time. :)

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  1. oh yeah! I remember him always loving to make ‘rainbows’ out of the M&Ms. How is Emma doing on potty training?

  2. We’re letting go of the potty-training exercise for now. Emma’s at a stage where things “happen” because she imagines them to be so, so it’s been really difficult to align the timing of the declaration (“I need to go potty!” “I’m pooping!”) with the actual event (three hours later). We’ll pick it up again soon, though – she’s envious of Jonathan being able to attend pre-school, which could become useful to us later. :)

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