My little girl and "Big Kathryn"

When Jonathan and Emma first came to visit Kathryn in the hospital, I was struck by how big Emma suddenly looked.  Now don’t get me wrong–I realize that she has not been a baby for a while now.  But suddenly she just looked (and felt)… big.  It was almost like she had grown over the past 24 hours (but I didn’t have the same experience with Jonathan, for some reason).

This perspective change for me seems particularly appropriate given that Emma is probably the one most changed by Kathryn’s birth right now.  She has gone from the youngest to the middle child.  Jonathan has just added another little sister, Bryan and I another child–but our overall “roles” in the family are still basically the same.  But now Emma is both a younger sister and and older sister, both little and big.  For the most part she’s taken this in stride (though we have had to work with some extra moodiness and disobedience during the past few days).  In fact, her biggest way of dealing with it has been to completely change her role to “mommy.”  And thus “big Kathryn” (formerly known as “Baby”) enters the picture.  :)

First of all, here is Kathryn in her car seat.  You can see how tiny she is.  :)


Now here is “big Kathryn” in the car seat, with “a part of her mommy” (otherwise known as Emma):


Sitting quietly


Showing off for the camera

Here is Kathryn on her light bed


And “big Kathryn,” also needing to sleep on it, apparently:


And, finally, here are “big Kathryn” and “little Kathryn” (i.e. the real one) laying side by side:


Jonathan’s baby doll (now named “Baby Moses”) also gets attention, too, though not quite to the same extent.  These “babies” apparently need everything Kathryn does–“Big Kathryn” often is dressed in Kathryn’s clothes (and they pretty much fit, too), wrapped in blankets and laid in bed, carried gently, strapped into the real car seat (and then Emma gets desperate because she can’t unstrap it and/or move the car seat to another room), and even subjected to diaper changes.  Thankfully she doesn’t have diaper messes or burp up yet.  :)

As Bryan put it–when a new baby is added to the family, older siblings often demand to be treated the same way.  Our children, however, demand that their baby dolls be treated the same way.  :)  Hey, I’ll take this any day to Emma and/or Jonathan deciding they need to be babies again!  :)

5 Responses to “My little girl and "Big Kathryn"”

  1. Wait, So why does Kathryn need a light-up bed?

  2. The lights help break down the excess bilirubin in her blood. Hopefully she’s done with them now, though. :)

  3. She is so cute and perfect. :) I wish I were there! I miss everyone!

  4. Okay

  5. Hey!
    I just found your blog from Kerri’s and I thought it might be you. Sounds like you guys are doing great. We had to put Parker on a Bili blanket for a while when he was born. Kind of a pain, but worth it to keep him from being yellow! :)

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