I put Kathryn to bed and came downstairs to find Jonathan and Emma sitting on the counter, each with their own little silicone baking cup filled with chocolate kisses. Emma had obviously been enjoying hers, as she had a brown ring around her mouth. She was not happy when I took the candies away, though Jonathan took it in stride.

Me: “Are you hungry again?”

Emma: “Yes. I need more chocolates.”

Me: “No, but I can get you some cereal.” (It was still morning.)

She was okay with that and happily watched as I poured a bowl of cereal, added milk, and gave her a spoon. Jonathan, as a co-conspirator, also got a bowl of cereal and was quite happy to finish it while Emma mostly looked at hers. Then she started again:

“Momma, [pointing to the two leftover banana pieces from breakfast, part one] those are yucky. Who made them yucky?”

“No one, honey, just the air. The air made them a little bit brown. But they’re still okay to eat.”

“No, they’re yucky.”


“I need one chocolate, right here.” (Pointing to an empty spot on her plate.)

When she didn’t get what she wanted, she let out a loud, mouth open cry.

“Mommy! Mommy! Momma! Momma, I need to eat a chocolate! Momma, I need more chocolate!”

This didn’t get her what she wanted, either. So she stopped crying and resolutely got down from her chair. I watched as she slid her chair back over to the counter, just below the cupboard where the coveted chocolate was stored.

“Emma!” I scolded.

“I’m doing this because my body feels like it.”

I had to smother a laugh.

“No. You need to eat your cereal before you can have any more chocolate.” (Yes, I was willing to let her have another one or two after her cereal… And at this point Jonathan had finished his and was about to get that very thing.)

“No, Momma, it’s yucky! I need chocolate!”

This line of conversation quickly devolved into tears and loud crying (on her end, not mine). She then ended up in her bedroom to decompress (and she subsequently napped).

I must say, it was quite funny to compare the two children. Jonathan was perfectly happy to accept the terms provided and didn’t seem too attached to any specific candy. Emma, on the other hand, was single minded in her demands for chocolate.


Addition to post: Emma went for the chocolates again in the evening. Here’s a video of what followed. It’s a little over five minutes long, and our house is messy–but it gives a good glimpse of her personality. :)

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  1. Sorry for those who can’t yet see the video (or any of the other videos on our site, currently). Google appears to have done a bit of retooling behind the scenes, which will require adjusting a few settings on our end, then waiting (and waiting) until they’re propagated throughout the system.

  2. Im doing this because my body feels like it.

    Funniest thing a kid has ever tried to explain their bad behavior. It’s a multipurpose excuse too. Why are you in pajamas at 2:07 pm? My body feels like it. Why are you cutting class today? My body feels like it. It’s a shame it doesn’t work on you or my professors! :)

  3. But Emma has discovered a universal truth–women NEED chocolate. I myself can think of few problems that cannot be made better by eating a hot fudge sundae!!!

    Love, Gramma

  4. That is funny but i can’t see the movie,, I’ll just have to wait. :(

  5. That video was HILARIOUS!!!! I think I have had the same reaction to people taking my chocolate from me! HAHAHAHA!

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