Emma-isms and Jonathan’s thoughts on babies

OK, so the Emma-isms part was actually started a while ago and forgotten.  But they’re still cute enough to share.  :)  Here’s the mini-post:

Yes, Emma says some funny things now, too.  Here are some examples:

(After Jonathan jumped off a chair, knocking a bowl of popcorn onto the kitchen floor.)  "Spilled it.  Spilled it.  Jon-than spilled it.  Uh-oh son."

After knocking her head on the floor.  "That hurt.  Konk."


And now back to Jonathan.  :) 

Me (watching a video taken when Emma was a newborn): "That’s baby Emma."

Jonathan: "Yep.  She came out of your tummy. 

       "She grew in your tummy.  I did, too. 

       "We moved out so the baby could get in. 

       "I was happy when I was in your tummy.  I wasn’t sad."

The third line especially took me by surprise.  Oh, am I glad the baby didn’t "move in" as soon as Emma "moved out!"  :)


Another random cute comment:

(Seeing a picture of the brass plates in a Book of Mormon movie): "Are those the glass plates?"

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