State of Dis-Union

So, I just finished writing a post about the State of the Union and my picks for the Best/Worst 2008 Presidential Match-ups. However, just before I had a chance to post it, my laptop had a "fatal error" and everything was lost.  Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy.  So I’ll keep this short and skip the State of the Union stuff, other than to say watching Nancy Pelosi’s constant grimacing and jaw-clenching was the most entertaining part of the whole show.

Best 2008 Presidential Match-up: Romney/Obama

Worst 2008 Presidential Match-up: McCain/Clinton

Maybe later I’ll come back and explain why I feel that way.  To keep it simple though: one pair has youth, political inexperience, and a way of talking about issues that has the potential to get a lot of people excited and involved in civic affairs again; the other pair doesn’t.  You’ll just get a constant barrage of mud-slinging with them.  Unfortunately, Time magazine reports that that seems to be what a lot of people want.

By the way, Evangelicals for Mitt is a great pro-Romney site written by intelligent people who are not members of the LDS Church.

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