Playing with Daddy

I must admit that “Daddy” has a magical touch with our children.  If I’m struggling to get Emma to eat, a simple “Emma, take a bite!” from Bryan will usually get her mouth open (and smiling).  And if Emma wakes up in the middle of the night, all Bryan has to do is go in and run his fingers through her hair to calm her.  When I go in, she gets hysterical until I agree to feed her (then she gets back to her bed 20-30 minutes later).

This “Daddy” magic was especially obvious last night.  The children and I had spent the day running errands (including a really long doctor’s appointment when all we needed to do was get Emma’s second dose of the flu shot, an hour and a half straight just sitting in the car, and a 2 hour shopping trip…) and finally got home just in time to put Emma down for a nap.  When she woke up, she had her attention all on Daddy.  She patted his knee, grinned, and said, “Dahyee” over and over again.  She wanted him to hold her.  She wanted to hug him.  It was adorable.  With such attention, how could Bryan help but be wrapped around her finger?  :)



Oh, and he also enjoyed making Jonathan happy, of course.  :)


2 Responses to “Playing with Daddy”

  1. Enjoy it now, for being the “Daddy” only lasts until they literally outgrow you. Trying to give the bigger kid a horsey ride just isn’t that fun…….for the horsey’s back.

  2. It’s so true!!! Simon obeys Dan immediately, while with me, he’s like, “I’ll think about it.” No fair! I love watching their special relationship, though.

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