Jonathan’s grateful for…

The subject of gratitude has been on my mind a lot this holiday season — especially when it comes to teaching gratitude.  Last night I decided to make a game out of it.  Here’s what came out:

Me: “OK Jonathan.  We’re going to think of things that we are grateful for.”

Jonathan: Silence

Me: “Things we’re happy for.  What are you happy for?”

Jonathan: “Heavenly Father”

What a perfect answer!  (And definitely not what I was expecting.)

Of course, this little game didn’t go very far.  I gave an idea and “helped” Emma do one.  Then I molded Jonathan’s next answer into “being able to play with my family.”  After that, he was done and just wanted to hide in the tiger blanket we were using (“his tent”).


On a similar note, we’ve been saying a lot of prayers lately to thank Heavenly Father whenever we get rain.  We’ve had a bit of a nasty drought out here, so it’s exciting whenever the rain does come. 

A bit of rain started up last Saturday when we were out running some errands.  This is pretty much what was said

Me: “Jonathan, look!  It’s raining.”

Jonathan: “It’s NOT raining!”

Me: (Ignoring that last bit, especially since the rain was coming down so fast that it was a little bit harder to hear him anyway) “I think we should thank Heavenly Father for the rain.  What do you think?”

Jonathan: “Yes.  And for cars.  And windows (I think he was glad the rain wasn’t getting him wet).  And homes.  And beds.”

Me: “Yes, those are all good things to thank Heavenly Father for!  Will you say a prayer for us?”

Jonathan: “Heavenly Father, we thank thee for lots of things.  In the name…”

It took me a bit to figure out what he said; but when I finally did figure it out, I couldn’t help but smile.  :)

2 Responses to “Jonathan’s grateful for…”

  1. So cute! I love it when Simon prays, although he usually ends up inserting the lyrics to “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.” I love seeing how their little minds work!

  2. Yeah, their own prayers give such insight into their thoughts! I think that’s cute that Simon puts in those lyrics! :)

    To add to this post, tonight Jonathan thanked Heavenly Father for “Mommy and Daddy, opportunity, and scriptures” (among other things which I do not remember right now) The first and last were past prompts, the middle was part of one. I was just really impressed he remembered it all (and put it all together) on his own. :)

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