Seven years later

Or 17 semesters. How about 80 courses? Maybe 206.5 credit hours sounds better. However you look at it, I have at last completed my BYU education. Of course, the numbers sound a little more ostentatious than the reality they represent. I earned two degrees at the university (in two entirely different disciplines, no less), and shifted career tracks at least three times. That makes things a little more reasonable, doesn’t it?

To quote Jerry Garcia, it’s been a long, strange trip. To help you get a better idea of what I mean, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Below is a comprehensive list of all the classes I’ve taken at BYU.

  • Non-color coded courses are those I took strictly to fulfill GE requirements or for my personal enrichment.
  • Yellow designates courses I took for my electrical engineering major (not completed; I switched majors after returning home from my mission).
  • Orange designates courses I took for my Near Eastern Studies major.
  • Red designates courses I took as prerequisites for full-time Church Education employment.
  • Purple designates courses I took for my Math minor (not completed; I called it quits after Ordinary Differential Equations to focus on completing my undergraduate degree).
  • Green designates courses I took as prerequisites to applying for the Masters of Information Systems Management (MISM) program.
  • Blue designates courses I took for my MISM degree.
Fall Semester 1998 CS 142 Introduction to Computer Programming
Ec En 191 Freshman Seminar in EE
Fam Sc 210 Human Development
Math 112 Calculus 1
Music 311R University Chorale
Phscs 121 Principles of Physics 1
Rel A 121H Honors Introduction to the Book of Mormon 1
Winter Semester 1999 A Htg 100H Honors American Heritage
Math 113H Honors Calculus 2
Math 343 Elementary Linear Algebra
Music 311R University Chorale
Phscs 122 Principles of Physics 2
Rel A 327 The Pearl of Great Price
Fall Semester 2001 Hon P 200 Intensive Writing
Math 343 (retake) Elementary Linear Algebra
Phil 210 Science & Civilization 1
Rel C 351 The Gospel & World Religions
Winter Semester 2002 Biol 100 Principles of Biology
MFHD 210 (retake) Human Development
Phil 211 Science & Civilization 2
Rel A 122 Introduction to the Book of Mormon 2
Rel C 431 Doctrines of the Gospel
Fall Semester 2002 A Htg 100H (retake) Honors American Heritage
Arab 101 1st-Year Arabic
Math 214 Multivariable Calculus
Rel A 211H Honors New Testament 1
Rel C 356 Islam & the Gospel
Winter Semester 2003 Arab 102 1st-Year Arabic
Dance 180 Social Dance, Beginning
Fam Lf 100 Strengthening Marriage & Family
Math 334 Ordinary Differential Equations
Rel C 370 Introduction to Teaching Seminary
Fall Semester 2003 Arab 201 2nd-Year Arabic
Phil 415 Philosophy of Religion
Pl Sc 474 Arab-Israeli Conflict
Rel C 355 Judaism & the Gospel
Rel C 471 Methods of Teaching Seminary
Winter Semester 2004 Arab 301 Intermediate Arabic
MESA 350 Islam in Contemporary Socity
Pl Sc 452 Islam and Politics
Rel C 234 LDS Marriage & Family
Spring Term 2004 Econ 110 Economic Principles & Problems
HEPE 129 Lifestyle Management
Rel C 324 Doctrine & Covenants 1
Summer Term 2004 Chem 101 Introductory General Chemistry
Stat 221 Principles of Statistics
Fall Semester 2004 Heb 131 1st-Year Biblical Hebrew
Hist 238 Ancient Near East: To 330 B.C.
I Sys 201 Introduction to Management Information Systems
M Com 320 Writing in Organizational Settings
Winter Semester 2005 Acc 200 Principles of Accounting 1
Acc 210 Principles of Accounting 2
Hist 241 Middle Eastern History from 1800-Present
I Sys 202 Introductory Computer Programming
MESA 495R Senior Seminar in Middle Eastern Studies
Spring Term 2005 Stat 511 Statistical Methods in Research 1
Summer Term 2005 Stat 512 Statistical Methods in Research 2
Fall Semester 2005 I Sys 401 Systems Analysis
I Sys 402 Database Systems
I Sys 403 Principles of Business Programming
I Sys 551 I Sys People & Organizations
I Sys 561 Strategic Management of Information Systems
I Sys 571 Academic Research in Information Systems
Winter Semester 2006 I Sys 411 Systems Design & Implementation
I Sys 412 Data Communications
I Sys 413 Enterprise Application Development
I Sys 562 Project Management
I Sys 572 Research Seminar
Fall Semester 2006 I Sys 531 Enterprise Infrastructure
MBA 520 Business Finance
MBA 530 Operations Management
MBA 540 Organizational Behavior
MBA 550 Marketing Management
MBA 593R Management Seminar
Winter Semester 2007 I Sys 552 Management Consulting & Projects
I Sys 563 Business Cycles & Controls
I Sys 693R Readings & Conferences
MBA 581 Strategic Management
Spring Term 2007 MBA 509 Communications in Professional Service Firms
P Mgt 582 Ethics, Business, & Society

BYU has had an undeniable influence on my life. So much of who I am today is a direct result of the events I’ve experienced, people I’ve met (including my wife), and things I’ve learned while attending here. I sure will miss this place.

When I tell people that I’m heading into academia, they almost invariably ask where I’d like to work. Some of them ask if I’ll return to BYU. At this point I honestly don’t know. There are many, many good people at BYU. But the Lord needs good people everywhere. However, there’s no doubt that much of my current "goodness" was shaped and refined by my BYU experience. Coming here was one of the best decisions of and for my life.

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  1. Wow! That is a real achievement and we are extremely proud of you!

  2. And by the way, since you have studied Islam, tell us what you think of that culture and religion. I talked to a Muslim on an airplane once, and asked him why there was so much hate. He said it was just because some of the leaders were ignorant and so were the people. In light of the recent bombing by learned men, it seems he was mistaken.

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