Tell-tale signs you’re a grad student

Nearly six months ago I received an e-mail about a specially-designed t-shirt from the folks with the BYU Graduate Student Association. After being a grad student for only one semester, the things printed on this shirt hit WAY too close to home. I’m not going to tell you how many of these statements are true . . . but it’s over half.

"You might be a grad student if . . ."

  1. You find yourself explaining to children that you are in "20th grade."
  2. You have accepted guilt as an inherent feature of relaxation.
  3. You start referring to stories like "Snow White et al."
  4. Everything reminds you of something in your discipline.
  5. You look forward to summers because you’re more productive without the distraction of classes.
  6. You regard ibuprofen as a vitamin.
  7. You appreciate the fact that you get to choose which twenty hours out of each day you have to work.
  8. You are startled to meet people who neither need nor want to read.
  9. You look forward to taking some time off to do laundry.
  10. You wonder if APA style allows you to cite talking to yourself as "personal communication."

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  1. Good heavens – I wrote 6 of those 10 items while I was in grad school in 1995. I posted them to usenet (remember that?) on two separate lists, and now they’re everywhere.

    I should get one of those shirts.

    David McKay
    former grad student (and now PhD)

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