The Fair Fair Day

I made a fair. We put together puzzles.After a wile we had actshan and insted of biying we did jobes ! 

Jonathan set up a “fair” in his room, complete with a game of skill (get the bouncy ball into the cap of his thermos while he’s trying to hit it away), a puzzle area, and an auction table.  The table was set up with miscellaneous things (rubber band, sticker, broken toy watch, paper that he drew on, string of beads, etc.) and he had us all pick a number card and come to the auction.  Since the children didn’t have money to bid with (and the adults didn’t want to “bid” with money) we bid with jobs – the number of items that you were willing to pick up in order to get the item.  The funniest part was when Bryan took over for Jonathan and “auctioned” the beads and some floss – made all the children laugh with his auctioneer’s constant calling for bids and talking up the items. 

Jonathan entitled this post the “fair fair day” because the fair (carnival-like one) didn’t require money (and therefore was “fair”).  They’ve been working on homographs and homophones at school.  He spent more time getting the title just right than he did actually writing the post.  :)

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