The train

Train Jonathan loves trains.  He gets excited every time we hear one come along the tracks near our home.  (And I’ve been taught that trains don’t say "toot-toot", they say, "oooo-oooo".)  Every time we go to downtown Acworth, he has to point out the train car that is on display. 

The other day, I opened their bedroom door after quiet time to find that something was in the way.  Jonathan jumped out of bed, saying, "Mommy, do you want to see my train?"  This is what we found–a line of toys stretching from his window to the door, all lined up "perfectly", including three little "leap frog" toys standing in line.  And to complete the picture, this train has a station for Jonathan and Emma to sit and watch it go by.

He was very sad when Emma decided she actually wanted to play with some of those toys.


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