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With all deliberate "Speed"

With all deliberate "Speed"

The best summer movie you haven’t seen.

Stretching the truth

I have a major pet peeve when it comes to people and HDTVs. In last Saturday’s (09/22/07) Wall Street Journal, film critic Joe Morgenstern described that problem exactly (click here to read the full article). His words reassured me that it’s not a burden I carry alone. And I was greatly comforted. Wherever I go […]

The personal movie library: what’s essential?

So here’s another post about movies. Please indulge me for a moment. In today’s (6/23) Wall Street Journal, film critic Joe Morgenstern addresses the issue of how to determine what DVD titles should remain in one’s collection. Granted, this is more of an issue for folks with very large libraries (Morgenstern claims to own more […]