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We've got a brand new look

We’ve got a brand new look

It’s time to change the way you think about the “family blog.”


This post commemorates two momentous occasions. It’s our 100th post.  Hooray for us! A new page has been added to the blog.  It’s titled, simply, "Today’s Comics," and you can view it by clicking on the tab at the top of this or any other page on our website. The purpose of the page is […]

Change is good

In anticipation of the public release of WordPress 2.3 (the engine that drives this website) this coming Monday, I thought I’d freshen up the look of the place a bit.  The old MistyLook 1.01 theme was beginning to get a little shopworn, and I didn’t like a lot of the changes that were introduced in […]

Suitable for all ages

This morning I came across a Web site that scans the text of any other site (say, a blog) and assigns it an MPAA rating based on the type and frequency of offensive words that site contains.  A list of naughty nouns and descriptors isn’t available on their site, so one is left to guess […]

Blog address change

This is just a slight issue, but it’s worth commenting on for those of you who now find your Beckman Blog bookmarks and RSS feeds don’t work anymore. I’ve changed our blog address from to simply I’ve also shortened the name of the blog itself to The Beckman Blog. So . . . […]

About comments

When I set up this blog nearly a year and a half ago (back when it was on Blogspot), I established a policy that all comments to it had to be moderated by the administrator – namely, me.  That policy still stands, and I hope you can all appreciate why.  The other day I checked […]