LOST in time

LOST in time

Another year, another new season of (you guessed it) the best show on television.

Happily LOST

Happily LOST

Seeing as I wrote a few words about LOST at the beginning of the current season, it’s only fitting that I say a few more things here at the end. Though last fall’s writer’s strike cost us a few weeks of Island intrigue, this season of LOST has proven to be the best run of […]


Cassia and I watch hardly any TV (movies don’t count), which is pretty easy since, well, we don’t have a cable or satellite subscription.  Besides, we figured it was better to put our money toward an ultra-fast DSL subscription since most TV shows worth watching can be found on the Internet for free anyway.  (I’m […]

‘War’ preparations

Back in March I wrote about Ken Burns’s visit to BYU in connection with his new PBS documentary, The War. The program’s anticipated airdate of late September seemed so far away then. Guess what? It’s only 19 days away. Beginning Sunday, September 23* and continuing through the next week (check your local PBS station for […]

"The Mormons" is coming!

Yes, "The Mormons" is coming. To your TV, that is. That’s the title of a new four-hour documentary on the Church, airing on PBS on April 30 and May 1. And the Church is already making it very clear that it is the subject of the film and not its sponsor. From a press release […]

An hour with Ken Burns

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending one of the very best Devotionals or Forums I’ve ever experienced in the seven and a half years I’ve attended BYU. Ken Burns, arguably the greatest documentary filmmaker of this or any generation, came to campus and spoke about history (in general) and the making of his new […]