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Getting married, part 2

Getting married, part 2

Here’s a conversation that occurred just before church today:

Jonathan (leading Emma by the hand): “We’re going to the temple to get married!”

Emma: “Wait! I have to get a baby in my tummy.”

Me (wanting to correct her order here, as my children often get these mixed up – apparently babies are things that appear in every woman who gets married): “You get married before you have a baby in your tummy.”

Jonathan (in a “silly Mom” kind of way): “Nooo.”

(and to Emma): “Now let’s get married.”

Emma: “Wait! You leaved the baby.”

She runs, gets a baby doll, and stuffs it under her dress. Then she and Jonathan go down the stairs, hand-in-hand, move to the living room, and start twirling and humming.

Jonathan (when done twirling): “Now let’s go to the hospital to get the baby out.”

Emma: “But she’s still growing.”

She follows him to another area anyway.

Jonathan (to Emma): “Go: ‘Aaaahhhh!'”

Emma: “Aaaahhhhh!”

Jonathan (in his “baby” voice): “Waa!”

“Hurry! Get the marble away so she doesn’t eat it.”

And then they are coming back up the stairs, Emma protectively holding the baby doll.

As a clarification – we’ve started pointing out all the little toys the children need to keep cleaned up so Kathryn won’t get to them in the near future (including the “Hungry Hungry Hippos” marbles). Thus far, we’ve not had much luck. Hopefully they’ll learn soon, or they may lose certain toys for a while!

Getting married

Getting married

Jonathan and Emma talk a lot about getting married – to themselves, each other, their baby dolls (or marrying their baby dolls to each other, I’m never quite clear on that). Jonathan likes to point out our picture of the Salt Lake Temple and identify it as the place that “Mommy and Daddy got married.” He also likes our wedding picture of Bryan fixing my tiara and veil (which kept falling off) and say that I looked like a princess. :)

It is a little weird to hear him proposing to Emma, though. Thankfully, to them getting married is twirling in a circle singing “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty: “I know you…”

The subject came up again Thursday afternoon, only this time it included Anneliese, a little preschooler that I was babysitting.

Jonathan: “Me and Anneliese are going to get married. And then we’ll have a party.”

Me (impressed by the new addition of the party idea): “Oh, really.”

Jonathan: “Yep, we’re getting married.”

Anneliese: “No, we’re not!”

Me (wanting to stave off the argument that was about to ensue): “Jonathan, if you want someone to marry you, you need to ask her first.”

Jonathan: “Oh, OK. Anneliese, do you want to get married?”

Anneliese (adamantly): “No!”

Jonathan: “But we need to get married!”

Me (again stepping in): “Jonathan, she can say no. You can ask her, but she has a right to say no. That’s her choice.”

Anneliese: “Yeah!”

Jonathan (somewhat deflated): “Oh. OK.” (Pause.) “Emma, do you want to get married?”

Emma (enthusiastically): “Yeah!”

Apparently the “love triangle” was resolved. :)

Five happy years

Five happy years

I met Cassia in October 2001 while living in a BYU single student ward. I became transfixed by her wonderful brown eyes and sincere, winning smile. […]