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Father's Day 2008

Father’s Day 2008

I blogged about Father’s Day last year, so I guess I’ll make it a tradition by doing so again this year.

My best Father’s Day was also my first.  Jonathan was born in the evening hours of June 19, 2004, the day before Father’s Day.  I said then, and have repeated it many times since, that his birth was the best Father’s Day present I could have ever received – especially considering the fact that he was 3-1/2 weeks early and delivered by emergency Caesarean section because of Cassia’s sudden pre-eclampsia. […]

"Garfield" un-furred

"Garfield" un-furred

Jim Davis has been drawing the comic strip “Garfield” for nigh on 30 years.  Unfortunately, it stopped being funny about 19 years ago, or maybe even earlier than that.  I continue to read it, vainly hoping it can still elicit a laugh, but it never happens.  Sigh.  Talk about your unrequited relationship. Fortunately Dan Walsh, […]

The Presidency’s Mormon Moment

Kenneth Woodward, a contributing editor at Newsweek, authored an op-ed piece appearing in today’s (04/09/07) New York Times regarding what he feels is Mitt Romney’s nearest and best opportunity to explain his faith to evangelicals – namely, his commencement address at Pat Robertson’s Regent University on Saturday, May 5. Woodward is surprisingly knowledgeable (for a […]

DNA vampires

This story originally appeared in The New York Times, but it was reprinted in its entirely (albeit without pictures of some of the individuals involved) by the Deseret Morning News the very next day (04/02/07), and the Times is a bit stingier about offering extended online access to its articles than the News. Apparently, there […]

In Ethiopia, the Packers won in '98

In Ethiopia, the Packers won in ’98

The New York Times has a fascinating piece on why you won’t be seeing the t-shirt on the right (photo credit: Barton Silverman/The New York Times) at your nearest Wal-Mart anytime soon. Here’s a neat insight into how the "Super Bowl Champions" shirts and caps end up in the hands of the winning team mere […]

I never knew there was a market for whale vomit

The New York Times has a great story on an elderly woman who came into possession of a "gnarled, funky candle"-like object that could very well be a piece of ambergris, an extremely rare material that for all the details of its origin is just plain ol’ whale vomit to you and me.  Apparently there […]

Shining the light of truth on the dark deeds of men

On December 19, 2005, The New York Times published a stunning series of articles describing the descent of a young teenager into the dark world of Webcam pornography, and of his long struggle to break free of his addictions after six years, first as a victim and later as an active perpetrator. He became a […]

I smell dead people

Apparently, those who yearn for a whiff of a rotting carcass without all of the accompanying unpleasantness can get their fix by coming out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York. I kid you not – one of the Garden’s hottest attractions is a 12-foot flower that smells like a corpse.

All male cows do it

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. From Manohla Dargis’ review of the movie Barnyard in The New York Times: You could say that the new 3-D animated film “Barnyard” is utterly strange, though if you were wearing a bushy mustache and a polka-dot bow tie, you might feel compelled to say that […]