Jonathan called Bryan and me upstairs to see the play he and Emma had put together.  Here is the vast majority of it (the camera battery died at the very end):

And the witch stayed caught in the lamp again and the princess was happy.  The end.  :)

And here is Kathryn enjoying dress up - complete with dress, necklaces, and hat. This is the part she enjoyed. :)

3 Responses to “Theater”

  1. How fun! My favorite part was Jonathan’s frustration as director. They are so cute to think it all up on their own!

  2. Fun to see them. I am amazed that Emma didn’t mind being directed. Most children would not be as cooperative!

  3. Gramma –

    You know, I’d never thought of that. Emma is very accommodating to Jonathan. Then she tries to direct Kathryn, but that doesn’t work quite as well. :) But I have noticed she’s more outgoing and opinionated when playing with children her own age than she is with her brother. They’re great at playing together though. I love it. :)

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