April pictures

I love these flowers.  I look forward to seeing them every year when they bloom in front of our mail box.  So I felt a little devastated when I discovered a lovingly-made pile of all of them on our door mat.  My children love me, and they love to give me flowers to show that.  I think I dealt with the situation pretty well though – I still enjoyed them for a bit longer on our table, I acknowledged that my children did it out of love, and my children now know that I will gladly accept any dandelions they want to give me, but that they should leave the other flowers alone.  :)

I babysat a very sweet little girl for a day while her father was out of town.  The family used to be in our ward and she and Kathryn were born just a few weeks apart.  She still appears to fit in this infant seat.  You can see how well Kathryn does.  :)  Actually, Kathryn absolutely loved this seat (and playing hide and seek, as you can see here).  She could have sat there all day if we’d let her.  Except the other little girl wanted to sit there too.  So we ended up getting our old infant seat out of storage in the garage and setting the two seats side by side.  That mostly helped.  :)  Too bad I didn’t get a picture of that – it was cute!

Reading Time

For the record – this was unscripted.  Jonathan and Emma sat down so Jonathan could “read” Emma a story.  (For the record, he’s doing extremely well with reading.  But his confidence does outdo his actual ability.)  :)  Kathryn didn’t want to be left out and joined in the fun.  She loves books now.  She would be perfectly happy to even go to sleep if I could give her books to have in bed.  Too bad she’d rip and eat them if left unchecked.  Oh well.

I have to admit – I love the little bare feet!  :)

Here she is making sure her book is not the next one picked by Jonathan and Emma.  And showing off her “bracelet” (aka Daddy’s watch).  She loves bracelets and will put anything around her arm – teething toys, rubber bands (luckily, the huge ones that go around newspapers so they’re not too tight – I do watch that one though), stacking rings, etc.  Anything that is circular goes around her arm.  She also loves purses and my reusable shopping bags.

Now Jonathan and Emma have split up – I guess they couldn’t agree on which book should be next.

Kathryn decided to change seats.

And now this morphs from “let me get a picture of how cute my children are as they are reading” to “let me get pictures of how cute Kathryn is.”  :)  I am so grateful for digital photography.  We’d either be picture-less or broke if I had to develop every picture before seeing if it was good or not.  :)

(A little note on the book she’s reading – it’s called “Good Night, Stella” and is one of the oddest books I’ve read.  At least on the first read.  It’s about a little girl who doesn’t want to go to sleep.  My children love it.)

I love being a mother.  :)

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  1. Wow! Kathryn is beautiful! As are the other children, of course. but she looks especially beautiful here. Maybe red is her color?

    Love, Gramma

  2. You know, maybe. I agree – she seems especially pretty in these. :) I think I may need to keep an eye out for red shirts in the future… :)

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