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Life lessons from Hannibal Lecter

Those wily movie sanitizers just won’t take "no" for an answer. According to the Deseret Morning News, some of them continue to do business under an "educational use" loophole in the law. Flix Club owner Daniel Thompson says the ruling isn’t a law yet Oh sorry, my bad. An "educational use" loophole in the ruling […]

A matter of copyright law, not artistic expression

Okay, so it’s time for one more trip to the edited movie well. I thought I had written the last word on the subject, but as today’s Doug Robinson column in the Deseret Morning News demonstrates, this issue is still alive and kicking in Utah. Doug makes a few valid points, but he also falls […]

Sanitized movies redux

In the months since I initially sounded off on edited movies, the face of the entire edited movie landscape has been permanently changed. Last month a federal judge ruled that companies like CleanFlicks and CleanFilms, which produce alternate versions of popular Hollywood films scrubbed clean of excessive violence, profanity, and sexual material, are in violation […]

About sanitized movies

You can’t live in Utah for long before getting swept up in the controversy surrounding companies like CleanFlicks, CleanFilms, and ClearPlay regarding the "sanitizing" of adult-oriented films for general audiences. These companies buy DVDs and use a variety of tricks, including digitally trimming footage and creating audio drop-outs, to remove sex, violence, and foul language […]