Kathryn turns two

To those who enjoy lots of pictures and play-by-plays, here is a birthday party post for you. :)

Jonathan and Emma had been waiting for Kathryn’s birthday for weeks.  In fact, when they found out it was her birthday month near the beginning of the month, they picked out some toys to wrap up for her and hide in Jonathan’s closet.  Here they are posing with the presents (complete with the now obligatory “Presins” sign).

Then we brought Kathryn down from her nap.  We had brought in the slide/swing toy earlier in the day for her to play on and she immediately went to this after the nap.  She loves the “whee” (slide).

If fact, she loves the slide so much that instead of opening that present she took it with her for another “whee.”

We finally persuaded her to check out the present.  Here is a close-up so you can see Jonathan’s gift tag in the upper corner.  :)

She needed a little help.  He taped it up well.  So Mommy and Jonathan both lent a hand.

“Beh!”  A book about a teddy bear.  I don’t know which child this originally belonged to, but Kathryn loved it.  :)

Then Emma added some of her “presents” – necklaces (including the one she had in her teeth in the first picture).   Kathryn loves necklaces.  :)

“Fog.”  I think this one used to be Jonathan’s.  Though it’s possible it was Kathryn’s from the beginning.  Who knows.  But she loved getting it in the present.  And she loved making it squeak.

And here’s a happy meal rabbit.

And a kaleidoscope.

I loved the gasp.  :)  A “peen beh.”

And now the presents from Mommy and Daddy.

The bow was more exciting than the present, apparently.  At least while the present was still wrapped.

Oh yes – and Emma also “gave” her the bracelet.  Granted that has now been long forgotten and it is back to being Emma’s baby doll’s necklace (to match the real necklace that Emma wears again).  Oh well.  Still working on the idea of presents with her.  At least Kathryn doesn’t mind too much.  :)

Kathryn loves these things.  If she finds one at nursery or a friend’s home she’s hooked for a very long time.  And very vocal if someone else tries to play with it.  It seemed only fitting to give her one of her own.  :)

And then we  found one more present from Jonathan that we’d forgotten.  A mini toy squirt gun.  We need to work on giving gifts that the receiver would enjoy.  But I still love that he picked gifts out of his own toys to give to her.  :)

And here is her last gift from Mom and Dad – a toy circus train with little animals.  She was very intrigued by it!  Emma was too.  And Emma got a number of Kathryn’s screams because of it.  She was not sharing her brand new toy!  I told Emma she had to give Kathryn time with her toys.  :)

And then we got a “Happy Birthday” phone call from Grandma and Grandpa Beckman.

This wasn’t her best smile during the singing, but it was the best I caught on camera.  :)

And then on to the cake.

I tried something a little new – I used pudding instead of frosting or my usual whipped topping.  It was a good choice I think.  I tried to make flowers with the corner strawberries but it didn’t turn out quite right.  At least they were tasty.  :)

Daddy had to help a bit with blowing out the candles.  He got one and Kathryn got one herself.  That was impressive.

Blowing again.  No sweet heart – you only need to blow on the cake when the candles are lit.  The cake itself is not hot.  :)

While Bryan was serving up the cake and ice cream I got a few shots of Jonathan and Emma.

Emma had a sweet smile of course.

And of course Jonathan made a face.  Actually a couple.

So Emma joined in.

And then it was time to eat.

And then I played even more of a Paparazzi to poor Kathryn.  But she was a good sport.  Cute child.  :)

And then it was time to get them ready for bed . . . at least until Jonathan reminded us we still hadn’t done the “piñata.”  Jonathan has decided that no birthday is complete without a piñata so he and Emma prepared one themselves.  They got down some candy and put it in a plastic bag.  Plastic bags don’t make very ready piñatas.  But we still worked with it.

Daddy trying to help Kathryn understand that she needed to hit it, not poke it.

After she got the hitting idea down and put in a couple tries, it was Emma’s turn.  Kathryn didn’t understand why it had to be someone else’s turn.  She was getting tired and a little more emotional at this point.

Emma took a few swings.

Then Kathryn again.

Then Jonathan (this is literally the clearest picture I have of him).

And we actually had a rip down the side.  So Kathryn extended it (with some help).

And Daddy dumped the rest.  :)

Each had a ziplock bag for their candy.  I had to remind Jonathan and Emma to leave some for Kathryn.

Daddy took the bags to write their names on them.  Kathryn was crushed.  Did I happen to mention she was tired?  Reasoning with her just doesn’t work when she’s tired.

Satisfied again with her candy.

And then it was bed time.  And evil Mommy and Daddy took away her candy again.  What mean parents we are!

And thus ended her birthday party.  But don’t worry – she was happy again in the morning.  And remember how smiley she was before?  Here’s a reminder, just so the sad one isn’t the parting shot:

So, with a small exception at the end, it was a very happy birthday.

And it will be continued in a later post – both Grandma and Grandpa Beckman and Grandma and Grandpa Kofoed had gifts for her, we just weren’t able to give them on her birthday itself.  :)

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  1. She is such a beautiful child! And your whole family did a beautiful job making her happy. So fun to watch.

    Love, Gramma

  2. What fun! I love the little tantrum at the end; you gotta live that up while you’re two! Emma and Jonathan are so sweet to give them those gifts.

  3. Aww :( My stupid netbook doesn’t show the pictures :(

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