Kathryn’s second haircut

Now that I start this post, I am reminded that I forgot to post about her first haircut 3 months ago.  I seem to have misplaced the pictures for that one so I guess it’ll come later.  Hopefully.  :)  Anyway…

We get up early to get Jonathan and Emma to school.  Extremely early.  So now Katie and I have developed the habit of going back to bed after getting the older two off to school.  When Katie’s ready to get up she waits until I stir and then smiles and says “It’s morning Mom!”  (In other words, “don’t fall back to sleep again.”)  So that’s what we’re used to.

Yesterday Katie decided to change it up.  Instead of waking me up when she woke up, she quietly went downstairs.  From the look of things she got a snack and played a bit.  Then she came upstairs again to wake me up.  “It’s morning Mom” again, followed by some happy chatting.  Then she said something like “I cut my hair.”  My response of “No, only Mommy cuts hair, remember” was followed by “No, Katie cut Katie’s hair” (full of grins).  Wait, what?

I looked closely and yes, indeed, she had cut her hair!  “Nooo!” I cried (no, I did not yell – but I made a very sad noise).  Katie then burst into tears because I wasn’t happy.  I’m not entirely sure whether to feel bad for her or to feel that the response was appropriate.  *Sigh*

Katie is not the first of my children to cut her hair.  Emma has, twice I think.  But both times she cut only a small lock and it easily blended in to her otherwise thick hair.  Her haircuts never required another haircut to fix them.  I wasn’t quite so lucky with Katie.

Now, for the record, her hair was basically the same length all around before her self-haircut.  Her first haircut was more like a trim, mostly cutting the back to be even with the front.  Yeah, not so much now.

Before you think me completely unobservant for not noticing this immediately, here is a picture of her from the front:

See?  Not as noticeable.  At least to me.  And if it is immediately noticeable to you, then please don’t be offended if I don’t notice your haircut.  Because I had to have my three year old point hers out to me.  Just so you know.  :)

I had her bring me downstairs to show me where the cut off hair was because I couldn’t find it.  Here’s why:

I didn’t expect her to have put the hair neatly into the pencil drawer.  She somehow made less of a mess cutting her hair than I do when I cut it.

Last night I finished the cut for her.  Hopefully I did a good job.  I’m definitely not used to giving a shorter haircut.  And in some places I think Katie actually did a better job then I did.  Maybe she’ll grow up to be a barber.

Here’s her current look:

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  1. Oh no! That is so funny for many reasons, but I especially love how neatly she packed away all the hair. Good thing she looks so cute with her new bob!

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